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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Woman in heels slips on ice after Kings game, falls hard (Video)

Ouch! That looked like it definitely hurt. Woman learns the hard way that you don’t ever want to wear high heels on ice. Maybe next time take them off?

And nice going, Mario Solis. Didn’t even have the courtesy to go help the woman? What the heck kind of man are you?

Oh, and thanks for the spot shadow, NBC. We wouldn’t have known where to focus our attention without it.

Woman heels falls ice

UPDATE: And she’s OK!

NBCLA later interviewed the woman, and she was identified as Hannah Hunsinger.

Hannah Hunsinger

“Yes, I am OK. And you would think that after skating on the ice that I would be OK with walking on it, but that wasn’t the case,” Hunsinger told NBC LA.

“I’m ashamed for this,” she joked. “Nobody told you you have to walk on ice too!”

We later discovered that Hannah is a Kings Ice Girl and was in the team calendar. Take a look.

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