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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chipper Jones undoes 19 years of baseball success with one Affliction shirt

All the goodwill Chipper Jones built through his 19 years in the game went to crap with one single action. The former NL MVP and future Hall of Famer was seen wearing an Affliction shirt after the Braves were eliminated from the playoffs by the Cardinals on Friday.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the stigma of Affliction clothing, let me turn this one over to the always reliable Urban Dictionary:

Extremely overpriced brand of Graphic tee-shirts. Typically known as a status symbol among chads. If it’s a graphic tee you’re after, there are many FAR cheaper options that not only look better, but are less likely to cause others to associate you with douchebag status. It’s recommended that you avoid Affliction if you have any self respect whatsoever.

468 career home runs, .303 lifetime average, one MVP, a batting title, eight All-Star games, and one Affliction shirt. That’s the inscription that needs to go on his Hall of Fame plaque in Cooperstown.

Photo via @CJZero

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