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Sunday, April 22, 2018

49ers Think Giants Are Cocky, Won’t Take Their Bait

The Giants have been talking throughout the playoffs. After beating the Falcons in the Wild Card round, Jason Pierre-Paul guaranteed his team would beat the Packers. They did. This week, it was Antrel Rolle popping off, declaring that his team can’t be beat.

49ers safety Donte Whitner believes the Giants are a cocky bunch, but he won’t play their talking game.

“I would say yes (they’re cocky), even watching them when they were going to play the New York Jets, I don’t know if that’s their philosophy, I don’t know if their psychologist up there is trying to get into our head or something but we don’t plan on taking the bait.”

When Whitner first heard Rolle say the Giants couldn’t be beat, the 49er responded over Twitter.

Teammate Anthony Davis had a similar response to Rolle, tweeting “Are the Giants doing drunk interviews? lol”

We’re getting closer to Sunday’s game and it’s clear the Giants are talking while the 49ers are keeping quiet. That’s how it was last week between the Packers and Giants, and look who won.

Even if they are cocky, I’m picking the Giants in this one. I get more of a sense that the 49ers felt like they arrived after winning last weekend whereas the Giants still have more to go.

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