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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Aaron Hernandez to reportedly be arrested in connection with Odin Lloyd murder

Aaron Hernandez PatriotsRoughly 12 hours after a plethora of new information surfaced regarding Aaron Hernandez’s potential involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd, a report from Boston.com’s Steve Silva has cited a law enforcement source who claims Hernandez is going to be arrested.

Most people saw this coming. On Wednesday night, a report from FOX 25 Boston’s Ted Daniel heavily implicated Hernandez in saying that he was allegedly at a bar with Lloyd and two others the night Lloyd was murdered. A source said Hernandez, Lloyd and two others were riding in a vehicle that night and that only three of them returned to Hernandez’s house. One of them was not Lloyd.

A law source also placed Hernandez and the victim together in two separate locations and other sources say Lloyd sent a text message to a friend that included a reference to the New England Patriots tight end.

News helicopters followed Hernandez from his home to Gillette Stadium on Thursday morning.

The more information that comes out, the worse it gets for Hernandez. Whether he pulled the trigger or not, it is certainly starting to seem like he was in some way involved with the murder. And if he was, you have to wonder how someone with so much going for them could be so incredibly stupid.

UPDATE (1:30 p.m.): As the media continue to swarm Hernandez, Boston Globe political reporter Wesley Lowery is reporting that an arrest is not imminent, though it certainly seems unavoidable at this point.

UPDATE (2:07 p.m.): While no arrest has been made and there are already people ripping Silva for his report, Sports Illustrated has also cited a source with knowledge of the investigation who says an arrest is “likely,” although it is unclear exactly what Hernandez would be charged with.

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