Police reportedly think Aaron Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd over drugs, secrets

Aaron HernandezA number of theories have been floated around as to why Aaron Hernandez may have murdered Odin Lloyd, with two of the most popular ones having to do with trust issues and drugs. According to one report, both may have been a factor.

On Sunday morning, TMZ reported that law enforcement officials believe they have uncovered enough evidence to indicate that Lloyd “mouthed off” to Hernandez about secrets the former New England Patriots tight end had told him in the past. The “secrets” Lloyd allegedly threw in his face may have had to do with Hernandez’s involvement in drugs and several violent incidents.

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TMZ’s law enforcement sources added that they do not believe Lloyd tried to extort Hernandez, but that the 23-year-old went “ballistic” after Lloyd started threatening him with information that Hernandez felt could destroy his relationship with the Patriots and his fiancee.

The part about Lloyd having information about violent crimes involving Hernandez is consistent with the theory that Lloyd may have known about Hernandez’s potential involvement in a double murder that took place in Boston last July. Speaking in street terms, there is a growing belief that Hernandez killed Lloyd because he was a loose end.

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  • DennisAOK

    The story becomes more incredible every day.

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  • Tommy_Fitz

    Once a gang member always a gang member, you can run but you can’t cry.

  • race2three

    Oh…ok…go ahead and let him out then…

  • Jane

    This whole situation is a tragedy on so many levels. Get tired of the way the media has been covering this story. Theories? Unnamed sources? Stop trying to produce a story. Let it play out and report what “named” sources tell you because that’s credible. Unnamed sources are not. You can report any old thing and claim an unnamed source provided the info.

  • thenextgenius

    Many people won’t say it, but try to extort me too, and yes you will get killed!

  • edmooner

    Hang him!

  • mike

    Gangs or no gangs…. America does nothing about its gang issues. They are part of our society and it doesn’t matter to us.