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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Aaron Hernandez not allowed to watch any Patriots games in jail

Aaron HernandezIf Aaron Hernandez is interested in finding out how his former team is faring in its quest for a Super Bowl trophy, he will have to learn via word of mouth. The general population at the Bristol County House of Correction was allowed to watch one hour of the AFC Divisional Round playoff game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Hernandez was not allowed to watch any.

Bristol Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson reminded the Boston Herald on Monday that Hernandez is housed in a special-management unit because he is a high-profile inmate. As a result, he is confined to his cell for 21 hours a day and not permitted to watch any television. No inmates get private TV time, and Hernandez is not allowed to be around other inmates.

“It’s jail,” Hodgson said, noting that Hernandez has requested to watch TV before and been denied. “It’s all about standards and sending a message.”

Hernandez is placed in an outdoor 12-foot by 8-foot enclosure three times a day for one hour. There is no equipment in the enclosure, so it’s basically just an opportunity to get some fresh air before he goes back to the cell.

It sounds like the 24-year-old’s former teammates are having a lot more fun than he is at the moment.

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