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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Aaron Hernandez supporters show up to watch him plead not guilty

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez pled not guilty to all charges at his arraignment on Friday, as expected. The only surprise people witnessed during the proceedings (but not really) were the animated supporters that showed up wearing Hernandez jerseys and shirts featuring positive messages about the former New England Patriots tight end.

According to the Boston Globe’s Wesley Lowery, several people showed up to the arraignment and filled some of the court room’s public seats wearing Hernandez jerseys and shirts that said things like “Free AH 81” on them. One woman even wore a shirt she made herself:

ESPN’s Michele Steele spoke to the same folks Lowery was referring to, and they informed her that they are not related to Hernandez but are simply supporters.

I understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty, but being a Patriots fan is certainly no reason to support someone who is on trial for murder. For starters, a man lost his life because of a seemingly senseless act. Football has nothing to do with it. And on top of that, Hernandez is no longer a member of the Patriots organization. I think some people are reading a little too far into that letter Hernandez wrote from jail.

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