Aaron Rodgers addresses gay rumor: ‘I’m not gay, I really like women’

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers addressed the rumor that he is gay by saying the gossip report is not true and that he really likes women.

Rodgers discussed the rumor on his radio show Tuesday.

“I’m just going to say I’m not gay. I really really like women,” Rodgers said on his radio show on 540 ESPN Milwaukee.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Lori Nickel, a fan asked Rodgers about the positives and negatives of his fame. Rodgers says he got a text message from Justin Timberlake after the Packers’ win over the Bears. That was an example of the positive. Then he brought up the gay rumor as an example of the negative aspect of the fame.

Here’s the audio from the show:

If you’re unaware of the story, about a week ago a website posted a story stating that Rodgers was gay. They said Rodgers’ personal assistant — a man named Kevin Lanflisi — was also Rodgers’ boyfriend. Lanflisi also lived with Rodgers.

The Fame Driven posted a bunch of subliminal tweets and photos from Lanflisi as their evidence. That was all circumstantial evidence at best. But the report said Rodgers was one of the handful of gay athletes who was prepared to come out over the summer as a group before backing out. You may recall that ex-Baltimore Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo mentioned this story in April. The site said Rodgers backing out upset Lanflisi and was part of the reason the two split. That’s where the report went from being circumstantial and speculative to authoritative.

We can confirm that Lanflisi was Rodgers’ assistant, but we have no idea about the extent of their relationship beyond Lanflisi being a valuable member of Rodgers’ team off the field until their recent split..

Though the report was published over a week ago, it gained traction on Monday and was legitimized by Radar Online. Radar Online is major gossip outlet that reported about it, citing the report from The Fame Driven as its source. Rodgers-related search queries about him being gay or having a girlfriend dominated the Internet on Monday, so it’s obvious the rumor spread. And that brought us to this point.

We have no idea about Rodgers’ sexual preference, nor do we really care. What we can tell you is that a woman named Destiny Newton has long been rumored to be Rodgers’ girlfriend. She is from his hometown of Chico. Rodgers has also been linked to actress Jessica Szohr and sports reporter Erin Andrews.

H/T Deadspin for the audio

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  • desslok

    When you have to say ” I really really like women ” you don’t.

  • petmehuman

    I guess all those models and actresses he’s dated were just decoys. Yeah, right.

  • Mike Uptown

    What is it with you liberals and anus obsession?

  • troutmagic2

    Slow news day!

  • tbenton62

    Must have missed out that Rodgers got engaged this last summer to Destiny Newton. The fact that Rodgers had a roommate that was his friend through High School and on, does not mean he was gay, before I was married I had a roommate for years, and we are still great friends.
    This is nothing more then the stupid push by the GLADD crowd, doing nothing more then trying to make themselves relevant.
    Also, even if he was gay, who cares! The man is one of the greatest to ever play QB in the sport. Why should anyone sexuality matter? This is just being pushed because Rodgers has always led a very private life.
    But do yourself a favor, Google what he Dad thinks about this.

  • Rondo

    Hey stupid, what does “Liberals” have to do with this article? Can’t you ever get away from your political bullshi-? Is that the best that you’ve got? Are all you losers all like that?

  • Paul Smith

    I’m just guessing, but he’s probably referring to the liberal agenda over the past few years to convince the general public that gay marriage and other deviant behavior should be accepted as politically correct, even though a description of acts between same sex partners would make most people sick to their stomach. Why does this upset you so much?

  • Jazz

    Who really cares if he is or if he isn’t? Too often we as Americans make so much out of an individuals personal sexual orientation. Aaron Rodgers is a great QB, I think he has many great years left as a QB as well. I could care less, that’s between him and whomever. Some people are so infactuated with others and their sexual orientation, makes you wonder about them and their infactuated curiosity of the Gay Lifestyle. Maybe they’re curious themselves. Hmm!

  • Rondo

    Well Paul, if you are just guessing then you really can’t answer my question can you? You are just injecting your right wing view into the conversation. As far as “sex acts” between sex partners are concerned, that is really no ones business unless maybe that interests you. Many things are sickening to the stomach but that doesn’t say that they should be discussed. Maybe you and Mike would like to have a heart to heart discussion about that.

  • http://packer-madness.com/ NFL Madness

    Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were rumored to be gay once in their career.

  • KCMikeG

    Exactly what “other deviant behavior” are you referring to? Or are you just making a pathetic attempt to label being gay as deviant? Also wanting ALL people to be treated equal isn’t a liberal agenda item – it is a Constitutional Right.

  • DORFF25

    who the hell cares if he is or isnt. I dont like him as my QB because of his sexuality, its because hes a Packer and a hall of fame QB. This is just the media looking for a story where there is none on someone famous.

  • advorak1955@gmail.com

    “We have no idea about Rodgers’ sexual preference, nor do we really care.”
    We’re just going to run an 8-9 paragraph gossip column about it. And we don’t want to be sued.
    That’s realllll low on the integrity scale.

  • advorak1955@gmail.com

    Why do you think this is the “GLADD crowd”? As far as I can tell, the guilty parties are Radar Online, Larry Brown and Yardbarker, trying to make themselves relevant. Yes, Rodgers is an awesome QB. No, his sexuality is immaterial, either way

  • Jack Shuman III

    Try to follow this…. my wifes boss is long time good friends with the Rodgers family in Chico. According to the boss Rodgers recently broke up with his Chico GF Destiny Newton. Supposedly Destiny refuses to live in Green Bay. She’s a California girl who lived temporarily in San Diego, so I’m sure the “frozen tundra” of Lambeau Field is a far cry from her dream home. I will say this, she is very attractive. Her sister Shawntel was on The Bachelor, making it to the “Final Four.” I thought she was smoking hot too. There’s a guys fantasy: two sisters!

  • gavinwca

    Someone wants to psych him out for the playoffs. Homo Faschist don’t you love them.

  • Paul Smith

    I guess I’ve heard from 2 of our alternate lifestyle folks.

  • KCMikeG

    Nice job avoiding answering the questions – Not! You should stop guessing because you are obviously terrible at it. I’m married with seven children. News flash – You don’t have to be gay to support equal rights. Are you really so shallow/backwards to not know that? By the way the American public already knows and supports that concept and don’t need “convincing”. You might want to check your conservative values against WWJD and what the Constitution says. Judging others is a big no-no with God and our Constitution says we are ALL created equal.

  • Jennifer Gigi Naramore

    Funny how until this month, I had never even heard of this Kevin person and now all of a sudden Aaron is gay! Come on, people! Just because 2 guys are close, doesn’t mean they’re gay! Until you have absolute, 100% proof or Aaron comes out, let it go! If he is gay, oh well. Who cares! Won’t change how great of a QB he is! Go Pack Go! #12

  • Norman Dostal

    every gay man dates women so thats pretty meaningless

  • Norman Dostal

    Mike, youre the only closet case saying “anus”

  • Norman Dostal

    Paul-no agenda dummy-liberals want equality for all-you know, women, blacks, jews, gays…

  • C.C. Langely

    what makes people sick of their stomach is having to listen to Christian bullshit like this, Like priests molesting kids isn’t deviant, or the Baptist preacher who died with a dildo stuck up his you know what while hanging himself to the point of climax? the Christian has no right to judge what is or isn’t deviant, just deal with your own crap.

  • Paul Smith

    Thank you for setting me straight.

  • Paul Smith

    I stand corrected. You are absolutely right. I plan to burn my bible and join the supporters of the depressed.