Aaron Rodgers rips replacement refs, says Packers scored on block in the back

Another day, another player unhappy with the replacement officials for the way they called a game over the weekend. While I’m sure many of you have already grown tired of hearing the whining, Aaron Rodgers at least kept it unique with his complaints during an interview Jason Wilde on ESPN Radio in Wisconsin. Unlike some players who have blamed the officials for their lack of production, Rodgers cited a specific call that resulted in a huge play for the Packers against the Niners.

“They’re under a lot of scrutiny, and the ones we had last week deserved the scrutiny,” he said. “You have to understand the rules. It’s just frustrating when you’re positive that there’s either a missed call, or that the rule was not interpreted the way that it’s supposed to be interpreted.

“Anybody who watches the TV copy, I mean I saw it from the sidelines, but we scored a touchdown on a legit block in the back. I don’t know what happened on that. It has to hopefully get better.”

Rodgers was referring to Randall Cobb’s punt return for a touchdown. The officials initially threw a flag for an illegal block in the back before picking it up and allowing the touchdown to stand. They should not have picked it up. Of course, it’s easier for Rodgers to admit it after the Packers lost the game. Had they won, he may not have wanted to admit that they won with the help of the officials.

While I personally feel that a lot of the mistakes being made by the replacement refs have been overblown, they have had their fair share of unacceptable screw-ups that could have affected the outcome of games. The more superstars like Rodgers speak out, the more power the officials who are currently locked out will gain.

Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for transcribing the quotes
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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WJFAR26GFRB5G6Y7FIZ2MQMFGY Ryzul

    quit your whining  you little pathetic qb

  • MelvinDanger

    Aaron U R 2-11 in 4th quarter come backs stop whining, focus, get that deer in the headlight look out of your eyes, and act like an MVP-not a CRY-BAY-B

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/43GR3CTCG5MTF26QCHTLWAJXIU søren

    Ryzul, MelvinDanger: Read the article…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1358737210 Dm Teeber

    LOL… the refs did everything possible to hand the game to the Packers.. and they still lost.

  • Whiskeyfire

     I don’t like Rodgers, but please tell me how he is whining? And to call him pathetic. You would trade your teams QB for him in a second

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ONE5WHYR66MFWHC3HM3K7FXT44 Susan

    “but we scored a touchdown on a legit block in the back.” What does that mean exactly???  A block in the back is an Illegal hit.  Right?  There is no such thing as a legal block in the back.  The act of blocking someone in the back is what makes it Illegal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1353609039 John Crafton

    Really?  Did you even watch the game?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1353609039 John Crafton

    “Legit” does not mean “legal”.  He means there was an ACTUAL block in the back, and that the Ref shouldn’t have picked up the flag.  He was complaining about the Ref NOT taking away his own team’s touchdown.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.lampeiii William Lampe III

    rodgers is still the best qb in the game today.

  • HarshRealities

    Regular NFL refs often overturn calls on their own after conferring with other refs on the field. That is all that happened in this game. Good teamwork by the replacement refs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomp56 Don Thompson


  • REYoung54

    Same thing observed in Giants-Cowboy game.  Dallas had to overcome many flags thrown against them in the 4th quarter.  Relatively clean game called until that cherry picked crew started throwing flags in 4th quarter.  Final tally?  13 accepted penalties against Dallas and 4 for Giants.  Love the game; hate both those teams.  Many, many more questionable calls and non-calls throughout all games observed.

    Goodell is damaging the product, game will deteriate, and the consumers will be cheated.  We’re headed towards a year with an asterik (*).

  • REYoung54

    Yes, the “regular” refs do that but my experience has been they get it right.  This was clearly a case where they picked up a flag and got it completely wrong.

  • REYoung54

    I agree.  The margin of score doesn’t reflect how badly outplayed the Packers were in this game.  The score is much closer than it should have been.  The integrity of this game is in jeopardy.  If you are going to watch a contrived product, you might as well as waste three hours of your life watching WWE.

  • REYoung54

    For all you folks who side with the League and its replacement officials, I can truly say your opinion stinks.  I’ll side with the predominant opinion that counts… the players who overwhelmingly want the so-called “regular” refs back.

  • AstroFan59

     I can truly say that your opinion is irrelevant

  • PissedoffinAZ

    So is yours.

  • PissedoffinAZ

    Pray tell, which QB is yours?  Oh, not the leagye MVP?  So who is pathetic? Only one whining is you. Rodgers was pointing out a missed call that gave the Packers a TD. They played badly and deserved to lose (and I am a cheesehead), and Aaron was stating a fact, not complaining.

  • PissedoffinAZ

    Who was crying?  He didn’t complain about a call that went against the Pack?  DO you people know how to read??? 

    He doesn’t have to act like the MVP – He IS the MVP!

  • PissedoffinAZ

    What game were you watching? F’d up calls were equally distributed.

  • melvin dangerr

    I think only people without blinders saw this game

  • melvin dangerr

    Yes reading is awesome, and listening to someone make excuses about a lost was as bad as the tackling in the game.  Been a packer fan since the ice-bowl,bad refs good refs, the packers were slackers that day, and paid the price, I hope I do not here  we beat our selves again, even tho Da bears were served a lot of cheese with cutlers whining,but MVP’s can still come from behind and win big games in big situations,AR is a beast so play,let McCarthy complain…..hope it gets cooler inPAZ

  • melvin dangerr

    Seattle’s D Line played liked beasts, wish the packers had more up front lineman like that…Aaron still holds the ball way too long and half those sacks are his doing….But HOW IN Da HOLY C——-E do U give the home team 3 chances, to win….ruffing the passer when the QB is outside tackle box, aaaaahhh 2x offensive pass interference aaaaaahhhh bat the ball down game over aaaaaahhhh hail mary where DB picks it off in end zone, where side judge was looking at cheer leaders PRICELESS………