Adrian Peterson reportedly shoved police officer before arrest

When news broke that Adrian Peterson was arrested early Saturday morning at a Houston nightclub for resisting arrest, much was still unclear as to what led to the incident. Thanks to Pro Football Talk, we had some of those pieces filled in, but there were still some holes to the story.

But now, per TMZ, we have the police’s side of what happened, and HPD alleges that Peterson is the one who instigated the physical confrontation with an off-duty police officer:

[Public Information Officer Kese] Smith says the officer had to come back and tell Peterson a second time that he needed to leave and Peterson shot back, “Hey man, we heard you the first time!” and pushed the officer in the back of his shoulder, causing him to stumble.

Smith says the officer then told Peterson to turn around and put his arms behind his back because he was under arrest and Peterson began yelling at the officer. Smith says the officer repeated himself and that’s when Peterson turned around to face the officer and got in “an aggressive stance.”

As Peterson continued to resist, a few other officers reportedly came in to assist before finally placing the Vikings running back under arrest. It should also come as no surprise that Peterson allegedly was totally hammered and acted like an aggressive drunk as all of this took place.

This is a slightly different story than the one that was previously out there. In that one, it was believed that, after a brief verbal confrontation with police, Peterson was being led away by a bouncer when he was suddenly brought down to the ground from behind by a police officer. Whatever actually happened, PFT says the whole incident was caught on security cameras, so let’s hope those tapes leak.

It’s still not clear if Peterson, already hit with a resisting arrest charge, has been slapped with any additional charges.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s not like he spiked a baseball, all he did was shove a cop. what’s the problem?

  • Anonymous

    He should have said:  “Do you know who I am?”  That usually works.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, AP shouldn’t have pushed anybody but that doesn’t warrant an arrest.  The cops were OFF duty so they are just another civilian.  Even if they were bouncers and he pushed them – all they could do is kick him out.  This is just another way for cops to abuse their authority.  Sports players have egos but cops have proven that they have egos to match.   

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E7EANPI74NBR3DNHSGVRCSRB6A kbonez

    A battery occurs whenever someone physically touches another in a way that would be deemed offensive.  If he shoved a bouncer the bouncer could kick him out or attempt to have the officers charge him.  Given the nature of such a minor touch, it’s unlikely that the officers would waste the time to arrest someone merely on the uncorroborated word of another person, but if you shove a police officer then that establishes the necessary probable cause that a criminal act has been committed to justify an arrest.  The officers didn’t have to arrest him, but on the facts in this article I don’t see any abuse of authority when the cops arrest someone who committed an actual battery and was engaging in threatening actions that would justify a belief that further physical aggression was going to be exerted (aka- a criminal assault).

  • Anonymous

    An officer is supposed to uphold the law 24/7. Off duty only means they are not on a regular shift. They are allowed to carry their gun, wear their uniform and arrest people just the same. The only real difference is liability if something serious happens because they are being paid by someone else.