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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Alex Boone wants to punch Clay Matthews in the face

Alex BooneSan Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Alex Boone is not satisfied with the $15,000 fine Clay Matthews received for his late hit on Colin Kaepernick last weekend. Oh no. Boone has a much more physical revenge plan in mind.

“Probably just punch him in the face,” Boone answered when asked how much he would have fined Matthews. “No, I don’t want his money.”

Coach Jim Harbaugh, who had some words for Matthews earlier in the week, tried to keep his talk to a minimum when asked about the fine.

β€œI have zero reaction to the fines,” Harbaugh said on Friday, via CSN Bay Area. β€œAt the direction of the league, I have nothing to say about that.”

I think I speak for all NFL fans when I say I’d love to see a round two between these teams. Let’s hope they get another chance to meet during the playoffs.

Video of Boone’s comments is below:

Helmet smack to Around the League

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