Alex Smith says he would have loved to compete with Peyton Manning

The 49ers failed to sign Peyton Manning and went back to quarterback Alex Smith who originally was hesitant to sign a three-year contract with the team. Smith’s feelings seemed to be hurt by San Francisco’s interest in Manning, but he seems to be over it. He’s sending out positive spin that only a sucker could believe.

Smith told the media on a conference call he was “not offended at all” by the Niners’ interest in Manning.

“In fact, I would have relished the opportunity to compete for the starting quarterback job with Peyton Manning,” Smith said.

Yeah, right. He was so excited to compete with Manning that he was negotiating with the Dolphins just in case. Smith also expressed a similar sentiment to Jim Harbaugh concerning their relationship.

“As good as they’ve always been and getting better,” Smith said of his relations with his coach. “The thing from day one when I first met coach Harbaugh is he’s always been up front and always been honest with me and has continued to do that through this entire process. It’s one of the reasons I love playing for him.”

I guess Harbaugh bought Smith some flowers and that smoothed things over because they seem to be fine. But that part about relishing an opportunity to compete with Peyton Manning? Please. Not a chance, Alex.

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  • http://twitter.com/Dr3_Dz Andre Diaz

    if manning stays healthy with the Broncose ? OL..An he has to make playoffs !! i dont see it happening with this team!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Baumberger/100000550235191 Tom Baumberger

    Seriously Alex you’re delusional if you think you can compete with Peyton Manning for the starting job at anything much less quarterback. Too bad that didn’t happen I would have loved to see the result. The Forty Niners would have finally been rid of the curse known as Alex Smith. I’m surprised they can still find a helmet to fit around your swollen head after you rode your defense and special teams to the NFCC playoffs. It made you think you’re actually good. Actually, you do make a good caddy from what I hear. Maybe that’s why Harbaugh wants to keep you.