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Friday, May 25, 2018

Amani Toomer: Tony Romo is probably a better quarterback than Eli Manning

Prior to last season, there were probably a number of people who believed that Tony Romo was a better quarterback than Eli Manning. Now, that population is nearing extinction. Manning is a two-time Super Bowl MVP and Romo has won one playoff game in his career. Last season, Eli led more fourth-quarter comebacks than anyone in the league and lit up the stat sheet in the process. Despite Manning’s tremendous success, Amani Toomer still believes Romo is the more skilled quarterback.

“Tony Romo is probably, if you look at it statistically, he’s probably the best quarterback in the NFC East,” Toomer said on SiriusXM NFL Radio according to Pro Football Talk. “You look at Eli Manning and what he does in the fourth quarter, but you talk about consistency, talking about 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions, that guy can play.

“I’m talking about, for me, if I wanted a guy that is going to throw less interceptions and be more productive, higher completion percentage, I’m going to go with Tony Romo. At crunch time he’s not as good as Eli but every other time he’s pretty darn good.”

Consider Toomer an endangered species. Romo is certainly an above-average quarterback and probably even a bit underrated in terms of skill because of some of the mistakes he has made in the clutch. In fact, one Giants defender recently credited Romo’s choking for the recent success New York has had over Dallas. At this point, however, Manning and Romo aren’t even in the same class.

Romo has had a couple of better seasons statistically which is what Toomer is referring to, but that probably speaks more to differing offenses and styles of play that it does to who is better. Statistically the two are similar. In terms of achievements it’s not even close. Based on some of the crap that has come out of his mouth in the past, I’m not surprised by Toomer’s opinion.

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