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Monday, May 21, 2018

Antonio Cromartie: Me and Darrelle Revis are two best corners in league

Antonio CromartieSomeone better keep an eye out on Richard Sherman’s Twitter account for a response, because we know he won’t like what Antonio Cromartie had to say recently.

Cromartie was on NFL Network’s “Total Access” Thursday and was asked to rate some of the best cornerbacks in the league. Cro was shown the results of a fan vote where Sherman was selected as the best cornerback over Joe Haden, Patrick Peterson and Revis. He disagreed with that and wondered where his name was.

“If y’all just want to go off one or two seasons … that’s fine and dandy,” Cromartie said. “But go over the longevity of my career and then match it up against these right here.”

Cromartie then explained why he or Revis should get the nod for best all-around corner in the game.

“To me, right now, it’s either me or (Revis),” Cromartie continued. “You got three guys that’s up and coming, but right now it’s either me or this guy — when we’re healthy.

“And when we’re healthy we know what we can do on the football field. We’ve both shown it in a Rex Ryan defense with zero help. We tell that safety to roll up to the other side. … I want these guys to be on an island by themselves and play zero coverage. They (haven’t) done it yet. They (haven’t) done nothing that me and Rev have done in Rex Ryan’s defense.”

We’ve heard this same argument before. Sherman only plays on one side of the field and doesn’t shadow the opposing teams’ top receivers. Maybe we don’t know how great he is because he hasn’t done that, but few are playing better than he is. I don’t think that should be taken away from him. And I’d put Sherman ahead of Cromartie but probably on a similar level to Revis.

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