Antrel Rolle: Jonathan Martin is a ‘grown-ass man,’ just as much to blame as Richie Incognito

Jonathan Martin Richie Incognito

New York Giants defensive back Antrel Rolle has never been shy about speaking his mind. As expected, he had an animated opinion on Tuesday when asked about the situation going on between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Just don’t expect many people to agree with it.

While many have blasted Incognito for allegedly hurling racial slurs at Martin and threatening to kill him, Rolle said he feels Martin is just as much to blame for the incident since he did not stick up for himself.

“Was Richie Incognito wrong? Absolutely. I think the other guy is just as much to blame because he’s allowed this to happen,” Rolle said on his weekly WFAN appearance, via Ebenezer Samuel of the NY Daily News. “This football league is not built of men who try to bully other men. You’re a grown-ass man. You should be able to stand up for yourself.”

Some would argue that Rolle’s opinion highlights one of the main issues the NFL has with its culture. Rather than simply ripping Incognito for taking the concept of harassment and rookie hazing too far, Rolle decided to blame the victim. Based on Rolle’s standards, all NFL players should be macho enough to stand up for themselves.

“Something like that would never ever happen to myself, because I would never allow it,” Rolle added. “At this level, you’re a man.”

Rolle also noted that hazing is “acceptable” as long as it is not taken to a personal level, which I think most would agree with. Giving a rookie an embarrassing haircut or forcing him to carry shoulder pads is one thing. Harassing him, using racial slurs, insulting his family and threatening him is an entirely different concept. Martin is not less of a man for reaching his boiling point, despite what Rolle and others may believe.

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  • headman2

    Antrel Rolle is exactly right. Jonathan Martin should have taken some accountability and stood up for himself if the bullying was so bad that it started affecting his livelihood (as evidenced by his quitting and running away from his problems). To abjectly defend Martin and his lack of action in handling the situation like an adult, you (the figurative you that thinks self-reliance is a negative) contribute to the problem; that being lack of accountability amongst young adults. And Richie Incognito is an asshole, but a racist he is not. Instead of scapegoating him, ask every black player he’s ever played with. Mike Pouncy, Mike Wallace and Ricky Williams have all denied that he’s a racist. And race based click-baiting is so passe.

  • cp

    I agree with Antrel, the media is making it sound like this guy is five years old. He should have stood up for himself, if he was my son I would be ashamed.

  • jbsaysrepukebianscuk

    ar and his sorry ass giants have been bullied all season long -idiots like him should just shut his mouth !

  • smedrano0206

    You don’t know how people react now when you fight back…look at Aaron Hernandez’s victims

  • smedrano0206

    Especially the ones that take steroids…..they’ll go nuts

  • Vermin_Cain

    Always good to blame the victim.

  • Vermin_Cain

    Good thing he’s not your son.

  • rgorr

    You are right about one thing, Incognito is an asshole. Your other points show you know nothing about bullying. Your views are simplistic and immature if you believe a victim is to blame for being bullied or harassed. Put the blame where it belongs, on the bully.

  • rgorr

    The above comment I posted also applies to you. Some of you people are Neanderthals.

  • headman2

    There’s nothing “simplistic and immature” about my point; it’s actually fairly specific in it’s brevity. What is simplistic is thinking you can confidently assume anything about my background on a message board. What’s even MORE simplistic is your reading comprehension. By blaming Incognito, I clearly did not shift blame to the victim. However, to imply that Martin is a no-fault party is unbelievably adolescent an lazy.

  • headman2

    LOLOLOL, I bet you cry during those Subaru commercials.

  • headman2

    You didn’t make it past the first sentence, huh? Don’t worry, polysyllabism is difficult. For children.

  • rgorr

    Don’t presume to know anything about your background. Just your post. You agree with Rolles. Maybe you don’t understand your own words.Try rereading tour post a couple times maybe you’ll get it but something tells me you won’t.

  • rgorr

    Neanderthals aren’t introspective or smart enough to knowt they are Neanderthals. I’m guessing you are a bit of a bully yourself. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Tumblindice58

    So does Rolle view the same rules for guys fathering multiple children out of wedlock with numerous women as being a grown ass man too?That seems to be pretty widesrpread amongst many of his grownass peers!How manly!

  • WZtruth

    Agreed, except the point about being a man… Sometimes It takes more of a man to walk away… but in this case, not likely…

  • normmiller

    So, let me see if I understand where headman and cp are coming from. If I read correctly (and I do) you say you agree that Jonathan should take accountability for his role in being bullied… ? Yes? cp, I’ll start with you. You sir are an ass-clown for making a comment like that and if it’s any indication of your mentality you should never be a father OR considered any kind of a role model for anybody especially a child. Headman… Yes, I agree it is easy for someone who seemingly allows himself to be picked-on to take some accountability for the aftermath of his actions let’s see what did he do again? Oh, he left the team so as to avoid the continued bullying. For shame Jon, you should have killed that racist ass-hole! Instead what you did is practice what any grown man teaches his child (except ass-clown… uh, cp) and walked away. Headman, grow-up. Regardless of your excellent verbiage you strike me as someone who jumps into a fight with a bunch of words, that is, you seek to intervene with words as your weapon so I’ll do in kind right back at you. Martin in this case left the team. You defeat yourself with the opening statement that he should have done something if it was so bad, he did… he left. Real men, contrary to your philosophy of fight first and fight often, DO walk away from problems because you can’t fix stupid.. (Incognito) and since you can’t turn someone from their tract of stupidity, you don’t waste the time trying. As for your sources that Incognito is not a racist, you need to hear the message he left for Martin yourself instead of letting someone tell you what it says. People who use that kind of language are RACIST. Oh, as someone who apparently is college educated you don’t begin a sentence with, “And”. In regards to the way Martin handled the bullying. You can’t fix stupid and Incognito is a picture definition of stupid along with ignorant, poorly educated and racist. When addressing a situation that may require the use of force, rule number one is: will my action correct the behavior that is causing me or someone else discomfort. Would it? Obviously Jon thought not and removed himself from the picture. That was manly of him. You on the other hand need to experience bullying at the hands of the man you defend from the accusation of racist (he is one you know) and show everyone how you “stand up for yourself”… Blowhard!

  • jdc15

    Where were the coaches in all this? Why did they not step in at some point as the torment continued? Why didn’t, or couldn’t, Martin trust his position or head coach to intervene on his behalf? Someone is going to pay with their job when all the information gets out, possibly even the HC, because this could have gotten nipped in the bud much, much earlier.

    Clearly, this went over the line for an extended period of time, and no one, player or coach, sought to confront the issue head on. Fortunately, Martin didn’t take a disastrous action, and this story might have a happy ending. But, what if it didn’t, and suicide or murder were taken instead as a resolution?

  • Nmc1496

    Just get rid of hazing, totally. We don’t get to haze people in our workplace; why should it be any different in the business of NFL football?
    Blame the victim?….nah – you ONLY blame the person who is the abuser, period. As to Incognito NOT being a racist – please refer to the video posted by somebody earlier where he is clearly yelling racist words.

  • Nmc1496

    Actually, you did try to shift a lot of the blame to the victim —If it had been left between Igcognito and Martin, that would be possible grounds for your concept of “manning” up – however, Igcognito brought this man’s family members into it, also. –which proves that Igcognito isn’t much of a man.

  • Nmc1496

    This is also the team that questioned Dez Bryant about his mom being a prostitute, etc…. I’d say that a lot of this nonsense STARTED at the top.

  • jakenhyde

    Incognito is an ass and has always been an ass. That’s why the Rams dumped him. His inability to control his anger led to way too many penalties when he was with the Rams. He hurt his team by not controlling his temper.
    Looks like nothing has changed with him. Martin may improve, but Richie will always be an ass.

  • Nina

    Did your Mama of Dada ever teach you to stand up for yourself? Or were you absent during the game of life. Incognito is a total jerk, but have you ever heard the phrase “people will do to you what YOU ALLOW them todo to you. How about a little common sense.

  • Nina

    I’m feeling ya. I would ask those folks who are saying we are “blaming the victim”: Would any of them allow someone to treat them like sh…t?

  • Sen Bjorn

    you should be sterilized…your procreation would probably create a few more Incognito’s of the world, big menacing knuckle dragging morons who haven’t had to rely on their brains, just brawn….NFL players are GODS in the U.S, even though most of them are wife beating, philandering, drug using low lifes….Antrell Rolle should never be given a forum to state his opinion, he is a half-wit imbecile from the hood

  • Nina

    What Martin needs to understand is that it is not going to end with the Miami Dolphins. What is he going to do when he’s on the field and the folks on the other side of the ball (the defenses) start growling like maniacs, pushing, shoving, hissing, spitting, calling him and his teammates “MFs”, all that crap “dudes” do. What is he going to do when they start pushing and shoving him? Walk away? Go home to Mom and Dad? What is he going to do when he has to face other adversities in life. Life is confrontational. Sometimes you have to set the tone early. My Grandma had an old saying: Sometimes you have to walk in the door like you own the place. Don’t lose or give up your power.Folks who play the OL and defense positions have to have an “edge” to them. Football is not for everyone. Maybe he had “issues” in the first place. Who knows. Wonderful to be well educated being from Stanford and wonderful to have parents who went to Harvard and who are lawyers. All that does no good when you don’t have common sense or streets smarts. By street smarts I mean, smart enough to use whatever intelligence you have to deal with idiots like Incognito, i.e., stand your ground. When people realize that you are not going to take any crap off of them ( and act like you mean it), they will leave you alone. A bully is not a bully for long when you flip the script on them. I know, been there done that. Take it from a dark skinned African American chick with a widow’s peak who was constantly bullied in junior high by a light skinned African American girl who called me “Sambo Eddie Munster”. Won’t tell you what my response was, can’t print, but it included “KMBA”. When I was done, never bothered me again. And guess what, turned out to get along well afterwards. True story.

  • Vermin_Cain


  • whocares85

    I agree with Antrel Rolle up to a point , but Martin should have engaged the help of ‘His Friends’ on the team to help him out with Cogs actions and bullying. They were not all against him especially at first when it all began; and we all know that “Things Work Better With A Little Bit Of Help Extended”. Would it not have been better had he not gone to his teammates and Coaches at first to see if things could not have been rectified with Incognito before escalating way out of control? Jus Asking!!

  • wrencis

    There is a report that team management asked Incognito to ‘toughen Martin up’. And, since Martin knew that, could have perceived that the entire team was in on this. And that we now know that the team’s nickname for him was Big Wierdo. I think the difficulty you faced would have been more challenging if the whole school called you the ‘sambo’ insult and you suspected the principal had sent the bully. Don’t you think?

  • wrencis

    The report is that team management asked Incognito to ‘toughen Martin up’. Martin thought the team wanted the bullying to occur. And by the reaction of his teammates, he didn’t have any friends on the team. They’re all siding with Incognito.