Aqib Talib supposedly told reporter ‘get out my face motherf—er’ after game

Aqib Talib cigar

Aqib Talib isn’t exactly the friendliest character around. He does interviews and talks to reporters, but he may not have been in the mood to talk with the media after he was knocked out of the AFC Championship Game in the second quarter and watched his team lose 26-16 to the Denver Broncos.

After the game, New York Post NFL reporter Bart Hubbuch tweeted about an interesting confrontation he had with Talib:

People usually don’t say “get out my face, motherf—er” unless they’re prompted in some way, so it’s possible that Hubbuch is leaving out a detail. Who knows? Maybe he jumped into Talib’s face before Talib was ready to speak. Or maybe Talib was just so upset he went off on Hubbuch because he really didn’t want to talk to the media. After the way his season ended, who can really blame him for being upset?

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  • giovanni espinoza

    I absolutely hate “out of context” news/gossip/stories! With this “A.D.D. to the 10th power” of a reporter not mentioning anything that he said, I can almost guarantee that an injured/frustrated Talib commented like that because he was asked a stupid or disrespectful question. Wise people have skeptical (analyzing) opinions toward those telling halve truths -while- ignorant/insecure people only feed said weaknesses by (emotionally) siding, judging, & looking to point the finger

  • giovanni espinoza

    Couldve been worse … Aqib couldve acted like Sherman hahaha

  • John Spurlock

    What kind of a name is Aqib Talib, anyway? One of those peaceful Muslims? Typical of a ghetto dweller with a confusion of “religion”.

  • http://www.DeepFriedNeil.com/ DeepFriedNeil

    Well, “John”, lets reflect for a moment and take a look at YOUR name before we criticize others, shall we. After Googling “Meaning of John”, this is what I got…

    john jän/ noun informal

    1. a toilet.

    2. a prostitute’s client.

    Yikes “John”, looks like things didn’t really go your way when your Dads decided to name you. Ouch.

    I probably shouldn’t believe everything I read on teh internetz though, right?

  • JayJayJo88532

    Best comment ever! John…er toilet just got deep fried! He must be one of those ignorant old crackers!