Packers Fans Greet Brett Favre with Shower of Boos at Lambeau Field

The big question leading up to Sunday’s game between the Packers and Vikings at Lambeau Field was how the fans would receive Brett Favre. We got a sense before the game because Favre was booed during warmups, but the most severe reaction from the fans was reserved for the actual game. Listen to the audio and video of Brett Favre getting booed by Packers fans and see his reaction:

You could tell that Favre was hurt by the negative reaction from the fans and that it bruised his ego. He may have walked out of the game with four touchdown passes and a win on the scoreboard, but I still think he’s the loser. Whether it’s late in the regular season or not until the NFC Championship game, Favre is going to let his team and fans down eventually. And what does he get out of all of this, a little revenge in his childish game? The only winners here are the TV networks who got tremendous ratings boosts and possibly Brad Childress if he gets a contract extension because of a successful regular season. Honestly Brett, what did you really think would happen after you told the fans you wanted to come back and stick it up their bleeps? Favre is still the loser in the end, no doubt about it.

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  • dave

    You’re an idiot. It’s a game. It’s made to be played to win. The fact that you think he “lost” when he wont the game because of some drama behind the scenes means youa aren’t even a real football fan.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Right, football is a game, but how people actually feel is life. Brett is hurt that he got booed and that people don’t like him in Green Bay anymore. Even if he beat the Packers, by being booed and seeing those fans turn on him, he lost the emotional battle. He thought beating the Packers was the answer to his problems with the team but it’s pretty clear he won. If you’re a Vikings fan, Dave, then I don’t dispute that you won — you did. But Brett Favre personally lost even if his current team won the game. And if you don’t understand this then I really have nothing else that will make sense to you.

  • Derrick

    Brown, you have no idea when it comes to Favre. Just go back and read your related post “Who Does Brett Favre Think He Is?” You’ll see that you’ve always been wrong on this guy.
    Favre handled the GB fans with much more class than anyone. He won in my eyes, not because of a 2-0 record this year against the Pack, but because he’s playing with an organization that actually wants him. He just wants to play… the Pack didn’t want him & the Vikings did. Let his 19 year career speak to whether he’s winning or losing.

  • John

    Brett Favre isn’t going to let anyone down. He is the number two quarterback in the NFL beating out Peyton. You have sour grape syndrome really bad. Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback and Donald Driver is a nice guy, beyond that the Packer suck big time. The Vikings are going all the way.

  • Anonymous

    Tiger-esque. Oh Please. Brett is of the right complexion, nothing will happen to him. He afterall wears wrangler jean, you know, he’s the typical nice guy next door.
    Tiger and Kobe = consensual sex. Media treated them like the scourge of the earth, criminals. The women here don’t have a leg to stand on other than hush money payouts.
    Brett and Ben = sexual harrassement, worse for Ben. Issue never really clarified on Ben. Media never really pursued. Treated like oh well, let’s wait for the facts. Sign of relief by his enablers when girl decides to avoid a circus. For Brett, No national outcry for his behaviour. Have you noticed? All these men are stupid, bet it’s better to be white stupid.
    Lebron was right. Inarticulate but absolutely right.

  • Anonymous

    Derrick and John are probably both singing a new tune Larry. As usual Favre choked again, and the Pack won the Superbowl with Rodgers. I love it! GO PACK