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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Barry Switzer remains the best … responds to Sports Center trivia question for which he’s the answer

Barry Switzer fur coat

Barry Switzer remains the best. Not only is it pretty awesome that the dude is on Twitter, but it’s even better when he responds to trivia questions for which he is one of the answers in great ways.


Switzer, of course, is the answer to the question along with and Jimmy Johnson. Both men won their Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys, though Switzer won in college at Oklahoma while Jimmy did it at Miami.

The other cool aspect of this is that Barry looks like he’s going to get a T-shirt for answering:

We just hope that Switzer rocks the T-shirt under his fur coat (skeet blanket is optional).

H/T Chris Bahn, Bart Hubbuch

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