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Friday, June 22, 2018

Bart Scott Calls Lions Dirty for Chop Blocks, Dominic Raiola Says Shut Up

It wouldn’t be an NFL Sunday without an accusation of dirty play. Sometimes it’s players complaining about having their nuts grabbed, other times it’s that there was dirty play on the field. That’s what Jets linebacker Bart Scott says happened Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

“They are a good football team but by far the dirtiest football team I’ve ever played against since I played the Tennessee Titans,” Scott said. “Some of the stuff they do out there I understand, but I’ll just be happy with the victory. I swear to God I hope I see them again in life.”

So Scott goes with the hyperbole that Detroit’s the dirtiest team he’s EVER played, but only since the Titans. What was it that had Scott so upset? Apparently it was the three penalties the Lions drew for chop blocks. Lions veteran center Dominic Raiola obviously didn’t like being called dirty and responded: “Bart Scott talks to much. He needs to shut up and play football,” Raiola said. “Him and Jason Taylor talk too much. I mean, a cut block in football, that’s football. When you get cut, you get cut. So my response to that is shut up and play football.”

I know players are always trying to protect their knees so it makes sense why the Jets players would be upset about the chop blocks. I’d have to see the plays before evaluating how dirty Detroit is, but one thing we can all agree on is who the dirtiest team in the league is.

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