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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bernard Pollard loves being naked


Bernard Pollard is a self-proclaimed nudist.

During his weekly spot for The Tennesseean — known as “The Pollard Show” — on Wednesday, the Tennessee Titans defensive back was asked if he has any pregame superstitions. For Pollard, any rituals he has basically come down to not wearing clothes.

“When I get into the facility, I’ll go get in the hot tub, shower, then go to my locker and just sit in my jock strap,” he explained. “I’ll put my jersey on my shoulder pads — everything’s ready to go, but I just sit.”

“In Baltimore, all the guys would time me on how long I was naked or in a jock. I think it got up to 38 minutes on time. I’m a nudist.”

That wasn’t all. Pollard also said he takes a lot of criticism from his Titans teammates for not bringing a towel with him to the shower.

“I’ve got my soap, my hand towel, my shampoo and everything in my carrying case and I walk right in,” he said.

Pollard isn’t the first player with a bizarre superstition, and he certainly won’t be the last. But will he be the only player who feels it is good luck to walk around naked before every game? I wouldn’t rule it out.

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