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Monday, April 23, 2018

Bernard Pollard: Mike Munchak works us like Hebrew slaves

Bernard Pollard RavensTennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard says he has been so busy with football that he hasn’t had much free time to follow other things, but he used a questionable comparison to make his point.

Pollard, who used to play for the Houston Texans, joined Sports Radio 610 in Houston’s Josh Innes and Rich Lord on Friday and was asked whether he’s had a chance to keep up on TV show “Teen Mom” they know he watches. Pollard said he hasn’t because Titans coach Mike Munchak is working them like “Hebrew slaves.”

“You know what? I watched an episode a week or two ago. I’ve been slacking. Coach Munchak has been working us like Hebrew slaves. It’s been crazy out here. I didn’t realize it was as hot as it was in Nashville. With Coach Munchak pouring it on us, and you gotta get back to the family, I feel dead when I get home.”

Pollard was joking around the entire interview, so the line was said in somewhat of a comedic fashion. I didn’t think it was too funny.

Slavery is a crime against humanity. Slaves are forced to work against their will, unlike professional football players who give their consent and are well compensated to practice. It’s a sensitive subject to ever bring up. Maybe Pollard needs to read the story of Passover to familiarize himself with the history of the matter before using it as a comparison in the future.

via John McClain

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