Brady Quinn Is Not Gay, But Homosexual Websites Sure Do Love Him

Though the man has made it pretty clear that he’s not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Browns quarterback Brady Quinn continually seems to find himself in the middle of conflicts with the homosexual crowd. From the alleged homosexual bashing outside a restaurant, to being named “queer of the year,” Quinn’s had a tough time since his entry to the NFL. It also doesn’t help when you’ve been caught in suggestively homosexual poses (on multiple occasions), not to mention grooving to the Village People at a wedding. But the latest homosexual issue for Brady Quinn is sure to draw plenty of embarrassment across the NFL.

Apparently a topless photo of Quinn (pictured above) has been used lately to promote a gay dating website. TMZ says Quinn’s lawyers have already sent a cease and desist letter to the site telling them to remove all images of Quinn immediately. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady’s people sued at this point. While Quinn says he’s not gay and we know who his girlfriend is, the photo evidence sure has been mounting lately. Check it all out after the jump.

Oh boy. He sure does have some ‘splaining to do. Latest incident via You Been Blinded.

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  • SpinMax

    Larry, it’s good to know that we have you to surf the gay matchmaking websites for stories like this. :^P

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Touche, SpinMax, touche. I have no appropriate comeback that can match that zinger.

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  • http://none Geoffrey

    This is pathetic. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE POINT OF THE PARENTHETICAL PHRASE IN YOUR FIRST SENTENCE, PRETENDING THAT YOU’RE NOT BIGOTED, GIVEN EVERYTHING THAT FOLLOWS? If homosexuality would embarrass the NFL, then maybe the NFL deserves to get embarrassed and ashamed — of it’s own homophobia. Obviously you do not demonstrate any respect for gays. THANKFULLY, THE CULTURE WAR HAS ALREADY BEEN WON. It hasn’t converted very much of your generation… but, thankfully, you won’t all live to influence the world forever. The final triumphs of the Civil Rights Era might not be fully articulated today. But, they sure as hell weren’t articulated yesterday. And they will be won. Imagine how they’ll read you after that??

  • http://www.Knuttbutter.com Brent2

    The guy (kid?) in yellow just looks plain terrified. . .

  • http://jjacks@verizon.net eddie

    its eddie i love you brady quinn

  • dal

    There is NOTHING wrong with being gay, dammit. I am a super football fan (and baseball, NASCAR) fan who is super hairy, macho, and yet — there’s NOTHING wrong if I wasn’t ANY of those things, and was super effeminate as a guy –

    dammit guys – get off the HATE and mocking of gay people and implying any hot guy must be a ‘queer’ because he’s so hot… If he’s gay – good for him, if he’s bisexual – good for him – if he’s straight – good for him!

    If you’re going to be MEAN about someone’s sexuality – it’s none of your business what attraction they have.



  • http://jaymie_solon@yahoo.com john

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