Brady Quinn has issue with Johnny Manziel’s behavior, money phone

Johnny Manziel money phone

Brady Quinn is the latest person to object to Johnny Manziel’s off-field behavior.

Quinn, a former first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns who last took snaps in the NFL with the Chiefs in 2012, was a guest on Sirius XM NFL Radio and talked about how he didn’t like what he saw in the latest Manziel Instagram video to go viral.

The video, which contains explicit language (seen below), shows Manziel holding a stack of money up to his ear. Manziel appears to be extremely faded and wasted in the video:

Quinn was critical of Manziel and said he didn’t think the young QB was setting a proper example off the field.

“The thing I’m most worried about is what you’re kind of seeing off the field,” Quinn said as transcribed by Ohio.com. “Some people say you can work hard and play hard. But I think my biggest issue with it is when you’re drafted in the first round, you’re the face of the franchise, and when you’ve got a video that comes out like that, I understand he’s trying to have a good time and live his life off the field, but there’s a little kid watching that, and now he’s looking up to him as a role model. And for me, personally, I have a little bit of an issue with it.

“I don’t think that’s the way you want to conduct yourself. If you’re asking [Browns owner] Jimmy Haslam, ‘Is that really what you want the face of your franchise doing and having out there?’ I just don’t think it’s right. I don’t think it’s respectful to the other veteran players, too, right now who are probably trying to take care of their bodies, trying to prepare to go into a winning season right now instead of doing things like that off the field.”

Quinn then brought up Russell Wilson as a comparison.

“I always revert back to [Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl-winning quarterback] Russell Wilson only because he’s so young. He’s been so successful, but you see all the time his good works. When he’s out there on camera or out there on Twitter, whatever it is, he’s at a hospital with sick kids, giving them gifts, trying to brighten up their day. That’s the kind of role model I want for my franchise, and I don’t understand why [Manziel] can’t interject more of it into his life. He’s got such a following. So then try to do it in a positive way to help kids who are sick or people who are homeless, whatever it is, but just try to do it in a more positive manner.”

There are a few points I would make here. For one, Manziel didn’t post this video, so it’s not like that’s the image of himself he wanted to advertise. However, if you’re not out partying and getting wasted like that, that sort of thing wouldn’t be caught on camera anyhow. And I don’t think it’s right to compare Manziel to Wilson and for us to assume that Wilson is a great guy just because of what he chooses to show us on social media. That could make him a phony for all we know.

I won’t be quite as critical of Manziel as Quinn was, but I will say that particular video makes the former Heisman Trophy winner look like a total idiot. I’m guessing he’s not proud of it, either.

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  • Richard Magnuson

    Stupid is putting yourself in compromising positions for others to take advantage of. No discernment whatsoever. Manziel is just a spoiled, self absorbed punk who will learn a hard but very valuable lesson down the road which hopefully will cause him to look in the mirror and start becoming a real man of maturity.

  • Barbara Holbert

    Heisman Trophy Winner and NFL Cleveland Browns Rookie Quarterback, Johnny Football is from Kerrville, Texas where his family owns about half of the town. He’ll always have plenty of $$$ and he’ll always pass the classroom, football, any test with a comfort zone because he has brains, not advanced age or career or life experience. Give him some time, and it’s in every critic’s best interest not to underestimate him because he’ll make you look like a fool just like NHL’s Tyler Seguin continues to do. And as for conduct off the field, get over it. Let’s see, it began with a legend named Cassius Clay, an Olympic boxing champion who became Muhammad Ali who was a “trash talker”? but now is a national treasure. So give your running at the mouth a rest. Enjoy the words of wisdom from the Champ for as long as you can, because the winds of change are BLOWING. Just like jealous people do, like you Brady Quinn.

  • mike.t

    Oh Barbara such insight such never mind piss off. Are those singles he’s talking in to?

  • Lance Whitney

    Your guess that he’s not proud of it either is most likely way off. This kid hasn’t shown any respect for anyone or anything in a long time. He pulled the partying garbage before he was out of school, in a camp, and he’s doing it now. He calls the Browns and tells them to hurry up and draft him?
    Were I the owner of the Browns I’d be livid. Performance on the field is not the only thing you’re paying for. As an owner you always want to present a positive image of the club, of your business and Manziel is a long ways from doing that. This isn’t the 1950’s anymore and the proliferation of devices to capture behavior of this type can quickly influence public perception of your franchise.
    Manziel needs to grow up and show he’s got half a brain, if there’s that much left. When I see behavior of this type I usually suspect that what we don’t see is probably worse.

  • Charlie Peterson

    Most QBs will stay away from talking about another QB so what Quinn had to say was refreshing. Quinn grew up in Ohio and had very good chance to show he could be the face of the Browns, but failed. He understands how Cleveland fans are (top five) and what he stated was right-on. Good for him. Being from Cleveland, my friends joke about the Browns drafting him and I was not a big fan of the move as I thought they would had selected a bigger QB. I hope Johnny does himself, his fans, and the Browns proud.

  • DowntownDonni

    WTF? This guy, JM, is not a Tyler S… and his time will be up before you know it… the clock is already running… good college QB and a winner there for sure. You seem way to adamant on your opinion, are you a cousin, former mate or wa wa wa wanna be. Leave Brady alone, he has always been a class act. Read his statements and then your own and tell me who has class and who does not… oh that is not fair, it’s too obvious.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/JohnnyLoose Johnny Loose

    I wish so bad he would start against Pittsburgh week 1.

  • smedrano0206

    Winner of what? A few college games maybe…you would think this guy won his team a championship

  • Don Lowery

    Johnny Loose………..We wish the same thing here in Pittsburgh!!! Leave it to the Browns to keep messing up their picks. This Manzel kids a jerk.

  • SandyMc

    I didn’t see anything except a hand holding a stack of money. From that video, it could be anyone. I certainly didn’t recognize Manziel.

  • DowntownDonni

    Tough conference and you do not win a Heisman w/o being a winner… won a few games? And I personally do not even care for the guy or his antics, but I also played with guys like that and on the field nothing else matters… it’s called trust.

  • DowntownDonni

    Duh, he obviously does not care, he’s a kid, he’s having fun with O P money… could give a crap about what you or I think… wasn’t put on earth to conform to what O P think he should do or not do… Lance, go back to work or find a hobby please… oh yeah writing does not constitute a hobby, but it could be a job.

  • DowntownDonni

    Yeah man! Hurt so good!

  • smedrano0206

    Oh yeah..tough conference…their best team lost to Oklahoma

  • DowntownDonni

    what is your team, conference, planet of residence, etc.

  • toddbook

    Manziel doesn’t care about anyone else, it’s always been about himself. He is a self-entitled jerk. Has never had to be accountable for his actions. Another bad pick for Cleveland. Surprise, Surprise!

  • FoxTrotWhiskey1

    At least he’s not a Rapist!

  • Don Lowery

    Never charged! He’s a married man with a child. He’s certainly straighted his life up. Manzells a bust no matter what you say. Browns suck dude!!!

  • FoxTrotWhiskey1

    Nope, sorry he’s still a rapist. Money made it go away and you know it dude. And I’m not a Browns fan, they do suck but that’s not the point here. The point is that your HERO is a RAPIST!!! That’s all anyone outside of Shittsburg thinks when we see him dude.