Brady Quinn’s Cheap Shot Knocks Terrell Suggs Out for Weeks with a Knee Injury

Quarterbacks have been taking a lot of heat recently for going low with their blocks on running plays or interceptions, with good reason. Brett Favre was called out for chop blocking Eugene Wilson of the Texans earlier in the season on a reverse, Trent Green was lambasted for taking out Travis Johnson’s knees two years ago, and Mark Sanchez had to apologize for his dirty play last month following an interception. This week it’s Browns quarterback Brady Quinn getting called out for a dirty play. Following his second interception, he was semi-trying to make a tackle and dove into linebacker Terrell Suggs’ knees. The hit caused what’s being termed a “strained knee” for Suggs, and reports are saying he’ll miss several weeks of action. Here’s a video of the Brady Quinn cheap shot on Terrell Suggs, just skip ahead to the 1:50 mark to see the block:

While the play was not in the proper ethics of the game at least it helped Cleveland make a stop. Count Ray Lewis as one person who was livid with the cheap shot:

“Heck yeah it was a cheap shot. When you’re running down and you’re looking at the quarterback going at somebody’s knees who doesn’t even have the ball. I want to see if he gets the same fine I got or even higher. Now this man is out four or five weeks because of some baloney like that.”

Quinn says cheap-shotting Suggs at the knees was not his intent and that he was going for Chris Carr who made the interception, only to have Suggs pop into the picture at the last second. Looking at the video, that makes sense because there would be no reason to dive for Suggs (and Carr was right behind Suggs anyhow). I’m guessing something around a $15,000 fine will be coming for Brady. With him not reaching his bonuses this year, he could use that money.

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  • curtis

    I don’t see how this was a cheap shot. Brady was actually able to make the tackle on the runner here by doing the “road block” tackle. He wasn’t going after Suggs maliciously. For a murderer, RayRay sure is a baby.

  • http://yardbarker Tim

    The king of cheap shots and dirty play is upset at Brady Quinn.Thats funny,what is he melloing out in his old age.

  • ossurworld

    I am growing sick and tired of the mouthing off of Ray Lewis, one of the biggest slime balls in the game.

  • getoverit

    Seriously? You guys are tired of the mouthing off of Ray Lewis? Pretty sure the whole “murderer” comments are way more tired than anything he might have to say. And whether the former golden boy Quinn committed a cheap shot isn’t even an issue. He hit a man without the ball, below the knees. Lord knows if anyone from any team had hit him he woulda been crying foul and there would have been an immediate league backlash. That said, maybe then it could at least be blamed for his abysmal playing!

  • Pat

    Ray Lewis (murderer) complaining about a dirty hit? Didn’t the Ravens just put Josh Cribbs in the hospital with an unnecessary hit at the end of the game. Aren’t the Ravens the team that puts out bounties on opposing players. May be Ray Lewis (murderer) should look in the mirror before he calls someone else dirty.

  • David

    You people need to stop with this Ray Lewis murder crap, I am a Ravens fan an this cheap shit was dirty. You Browns fan are just mad that your team suck. BTW I don’t like Cleveland

  • http://www.nfl.com Truth

    Tim, Pat, Curtis and ossurworld…you guys are complete idiots…..seriously…calling Ray Ray the “king of cheapshots” and a “murderer” (seriously, get over it) when it’s a well known fact that all his plays have been clean…the Chad Johnson hit is a touchy one….as Ray Lewis was already is motion as Johnson came down with the ball……but, in all honeslt….as a well respected vet like Ray Lewis, it must be tough to have a hit like that on your resumee…but, in all honesty….. get a life you losers…don’t hate on a player who’s something, while you’re all absolutely nothing….

  • Ray Lewis (murderer)

    He is just all butthurt because he got hurt by a quarterback.

    A quarterback.

  • BS

    Bunch of BS. Welcome to football Mr. Suggs.