Braylon Edwards Bashes Cleveland

braylon-edwardsBraylon Edwards was once a disgruntled receiver on a bad Cleveland Browns squad who had problems dropping the ball. After an awful game in October, Edwards beat up a club promoter and the Browns shipped him out of town to New York. Now, Braylon’s a happy player on a good Jets team where he’s viewed as a game-changer.

In an interview with the New York Times, Edwards said there was always friction between him and the city of Cleveland. Not unlike Joakim Noah who ripped Cleveland, Edwards bashed the Mistake by the Lake:

“There’s nothing going on in Cleveland. There’s no real estate. There’s no social life, no social networking. All the people who have something going on leave Cleveland. So Cleveland has nothing, and I came in there with a New York-type of essence. So what? That was the attitude I came in with. Like, this is who I am. They didn’t like the flash.”

Edwards clearly wasn’t a good fit in Cleveland from the start. It didn’t help that Edwards played college ball at Michigan, but the reality is if he respected the city and played well, they would have respected him back. Not fitting in with the Browns is Braylon’s fault. He’ll soon find out that if the drops continue with the Jets, that city will turn on him in a second and Braylon won’t be as big-time as he fancies himself.

Jets’ Edwards Shows Smile and Growth on His Face [NY Times]

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  • SpinMax

    This is tough. I dislike Cleveland, I dislike Michigan… I hope they both fail.

  • joel

    Braylon Edwards is just another uneducated , classless thug.. Who cares what thet moron says. Glad he is gone, Couldn't catch a pass if his lifc depended on it. Go back to the ghetto with your mamma where yo belong sucka