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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Brett Favre looking like grizzled old man calling plays for high school team

Is it just me, or did Brett Favre just age about 20 years?

Photographer Matt Bush snapped this great shot of Favre calling plays for Oak Grove High School, where he is an offensive coordinator. Oak Grove defeated Tupelo 14-7 on Friday to win the Mississippi 6A state championship.

Look at Favre with his headset and game face on. Long graying hair and beard, but still well groomed. He looks like he skipped his 40s and dived straight in to the 50s. But you know what? Favre is a boss and still looks like the man.

It’s pretty cool too that he’s still helping out a local Mississippi high school. He said in an interview that he has to resist how much he shares with his players because he’s so knowledgeable about the game and doesn’t want to overload them. Man, how awesome would it be to have the ol’ gunslinger as your high school coach?

Here’s another great photo of him celebrating after the win:

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