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Monday, May 21, 2018

Brian Billick: Jerry Jones Should Coach Dallas Cowboys

Former Ravens head coach and current NFL analyst Brian Billick had an interesting idea for Dallas Cowboys owner and GM, Jerry Jones. Serving as a guest on FOX Sports Radio, Billick was asked which NFL head coaching job is the best. Billick responded by saying it depends on the ownership, stressing that the owner has to be good. At that point Billick started talking about different owners and mentioned that Jerry Jones was an “outstanding” owner, but that seemed like the buttering up part before he truly ripped in. What initially seemed to be an item of praise for Jerry started to sound more like a challenge:

“My one complaint or observation for Jerry is at some point that authority that the head coach represents has to manifest itself for the players. Just go down to the sidelines Jerry, be a head coach. Slot ‘HC’ on one of these slash titles you have.

The players need to know you’re right there with them and they know who’s in charge and that’s the structure you have and that’s been successful and he’s been very good at it. But you’re the head coach, stand there on the sidelines, put the headset on and be the head coach.

Players would respond to it. It’s set up that way the way it is right now. There’s a lot of different structures out there and I wouldn’t advocate that for a lot of owners but I think Jerry has that ability the way he involves himself, the way he conducts his team, you know, take the next step.

There’s no question who’s in charge of the organization and that’s the way it should be. But you need that presence, and I don’t mean just coming down on the sidelines in the fourth quarter, shake some hands and clap. To know you’re all in with regard to the day-to-day, gameday, ‘we’re in this thing together,’ what the heck, go coach them — you know you want to. Just go ahead and coach them.”

I’m not exactly sure what the entire background is between Billick and Jones, but it sure sounds like someone who’s been Jerry’s head coach told Billick what the experience was like and now Billick is suggesting Jerry takes the challenge. Like I said, it’s hard to know whether or not Billick was dishing out praise or hate, but the more he spoke the more it seemed like he was saying “let’s see what you can do.” As much of an ego as Jerry has, I can’t imagine him taking things this far. This wouldn’t be the first time Billick’s taken a veiled shot at someone on air either.

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