Browns fan urinates on Art Modell’s grave (Video)

Browns fan Art ModellOn a scale of 1-10 when it comes to disrespectful acts, this would probably come in at 5,328.

A Cleveland Browns fan posted this video to YouTube of him supposedly urinating on the grave of Art Modell. Modell died in 2012 but remains a despised figure by many in Cleveland for moving the beloved Browns to Baltimore (they later changed identities and became the Ravens).

The fan went to great lengths to produce the video; he put on an Ed Reed jersey as a perfect disguise and supposedly used a catheter to make the urinating process easy and conspicuous.

In explaining why he was urinating on Modell’s grave, the fan says, “I had no choice.”

Those were the exact words used by Modell to explain why he moved the Browns out of Cleveland.

Too bad the fan did this now instead of waiting til the Week 3 matchup between the teams. Then it would have really added to the rivalry. Or maybe he knew better than to hurt his team’s chances of winning by giving the opponent extra motivation.

H/T Deadspin

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  • SpinMax

    It just shows how stupid their fans still are. The city officials and the media there all found it perfect to blame one guy, when it was actually the people sitting across the table from Modell who were to blame. You had an owner who was trying desperately to compete in the NFL, was backed into a corner financially, sought help from the city for years, was turned down, lied to, and dared to leave. I remember back in the uproar, Jim Brown, Mr. Cleveland, Mr. on the side of the people, participated, and even he walked out supporting Modell.