Bruce Smith Says He Hid Thurman Thomas’ Helmet

thurman-thomas-helmetSix men were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Canton on Saturday night. They all had their time at the mic to give speeches (save the late Bob Harris and Derrick Thomas who had people speak for them). It was a big night for the Buffalo Bills as team owner Ralph Wilson got inducted as did all-time sack leader Bruce Smith. Smith even cracked a joke during his speech when he was talking about his former teammate, Thurman Thomas:

Thurman Thomas known to his teammates as ‘Squatty,’ you were undoubtedly the most complete running back of our era. My life would be a little less bright if I didn’t have you to laugh and joke with. P.S., I hid your helmet.”

Smith is referring to an incident in Super Bowl XXVII where Thurman Thomas couldn’t find his helmet prior to the game. According to the tale, Thomas used to place his helmet at the 34-yard line prior to games as a superstition. Someone setting up a pre-game stage moved the helmet and Thomas wound up missing the first two plays for the Bills, both bad runs to backup Kenneth Davis, setting the tone for a Bills loss. And in case you were wondering whether there was any truth to the statement, Smith’s tone was clearly a joking one.

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  • Chris

    It was in Super Bowl XXVI–not XXVII–against the Redskins that Thomas’ helmet was misplaced by someone getting ready to test stage set-up.

  • Michael

    No Chris, it wasn’t. It was Super Bowl 27 in which he missed the first 2 plays due to the missing helmet. I have the game recorded and have watched it numerous times.

  • Anonymous

    If you have the game recorded and have ‘watched it numerous times’ you must be going senile Michael.  The ‘lost helmet’ incident happened at the start of SB 26 against the Redskins, NOT SB 27 against the Cowboys.  I would be interested to know who you support.