Carson Palmer: Buccaneers were contacting my agent all offseason

Carson-Palmer-CardinalsThe more we hear, the more it sounds like Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano never planned to stick with Josh Freeman as his quarterback of the future. On Wednesday, Schiano announced that Freeman will be benched this weekend against the Arizona Cardinals in favor of rookie Mike Glennon. If you believe Carson Palmer, the Bucs already tried to phase Freeman out during the offseason.

Palmer told reporters on Wednesday that the Bucs expressed a great deal of interest in acquiring him last spring before he was traded to the Cardinals.

“My agent said that Tampa had been contacting him a lot,” Palmer said, according to the Buccaneers official website. “I would have been very excited to be there. Their organization has a lot of good players across the board, but like I said, I’m excited and happy to be where I am. I’m excited about our future.”

This basically confirms what we already knew and what was previously reported — Freeman has never been Schiano’s guy. If he was, the team would not have drafted Glennon in the third round back in April. It was only a matter of time before Freeman was holding a clipboard. His poor play during the first three games of the season merely accelerated the process.

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  • Patrick Boucher

    I know this is more a story about the Bucs and Sciano v Freeman, but I find it hilarious that crap teams like Oakland, Arizona and Tampa would think Palmer is an upgrade and can take a team to the next level. It’s been proven he cannot do that. Over 65% completions once (his stand out 2005 season which everyone still refers to when thinking of him as a top tier QB). He has had higher than an 87 rating twice. To me, an elite QB adds around 4-6 wins to your team by himself. Look at Peyton manning last year, they were 9-7 with Tebow, 13-3 with manning. Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Robert Griffin all improved their teams by multiple wins. Carson Palmer has been on so many 4-8 win teams it’s been proven he is not elite.