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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Chad Johnson: Marvin Lewis saved Ray Lewis from getting beat up by me


Chad Johnson appears to have entered that phase in his life where you remember things from your career a lot differently than they actually happened. Was the artist formerly known as Ochocino one of the best receivers in the NFL for years? Sure. Could he beat up Ray Lewis? Haha, that’s a good one.

On Thursday, Johnson shared a probably untrue story with his Twitter followers about the time he tried to fight Lewis after Lewis supposedly knocked Johnson’s helmet off “unnecessarily” during a game.

“He went out the side door, Ed Reed had to talk me out of putting these paws on Ray,” Johnson wrote. “(Second) time we played the Ravens I caught Ray slipping in pre-game, I stepped to him, he started preaching, I was like the Lord can’t help you!

“So I square up ready to go from the shoulders and Ray is steadily reciting a scripture and I’m ready to rumble, I’m like let’s run it WTF!!!┬áLong story short Marvin Lewis broke it up and saved Ray from getting beat up in pre-game.”

Long story slightly less short — Marvin Lewis saved Chad Johnson from getting the beating of a lifetime.

Of course, Johnson was probably joking. He has to know Lewis would demolish him if the two ever got into an actual fight. While Johnson’s off playing video games all the time, Lewis is probably in a dark room somewhere watching film of his most ferocious hits and sweating bullets.

Thanks to LBS reader Manny

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