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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chicago Bar Owner Says Tim Tebow’s Success Rescued His Bar

Those of you who are still hesitant to believe in the miracle of Tim Tebow should consult Chicago bar owner Eric Baylis.  Why would Tebow have anything to do with a Chicago bar, you ask?  In an email he wrote to the Denver Post, Baylis explained how a group of Broncos fans walked into his bar back in 2009.  They politely asked if the bartender could put the Broncos game on.  Since business had been so slow, the bartender fulfilled the request.

Little did anyone know what this small decision was going to lead into. The group got bigger and bigger, so we as appreciation did more and more for the group, including and not limited to a DJ who plays old school Broncos clips during commercials, to give aways such as signed jersey’s, apparel, and even game day tickets in Denver!!

Then fast forward to this year, their season started out rough, about the same as always a consistent group of 30 diehard fans….then came Tebow!!! Tebow single handedly packed our bar, with fans of Denver and even the haters…now with Tebow going to the playoffs we have been at capacity, over 300 people watched last weeks game at The Irish Oak, and we are expecting an even bigger crowd this week…..

Tebow fever may be revelent in Denver, but he has turned a well below average Sunday bar in Chicago, into the busiest, most happening bar on Sunday’s in Chicago….

Some of you may be quick to call that selling out.  In this economy, we call it survival.  If Bears fans didn’t want anything to do with going to Baylis’ bar on Sundays, he had to do something to drum up business.  Clearly it worked.  Now, if only the people in Denver were as confident in their team as those in Chicago are.

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