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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Chris Johnson: Titans are not close to being a good team

If the Titans are looking for words of encouragement in the wake of their uninspiring 1-4 start, they aren’t going to get them from the highest-paid player on their team. Chris Johnson has contributed more to the problem than the solution this year in Tennessee, and he doesn’t sound like a player who is expecting his team to turn things around any time soon.

“I don’t believe we’re close right now,” Johnson said Monday according to 247 Sports’ Titan Insider. “You look at the games and how we’re playing, we don’t look like a good team. I wouldn’t sit here and say we’re close.”

With the exception of the Titans’ Week 4 loss to the Texans where he racked up a bunch of yards in garbage time, CJNoK has been horrendous. he is averaging less than three yards per carry and has failed to break the 25-yard mark on the ground in four of five games. The offensive line is to blame for much of it — as C.J. has been quick to point out — but Johnson is not running with any type of purpose or determination.

“We need somebody in this locker room to make plays and give us a spark,” he said. “I feel like I’ve made some plays, but the situation of a spark has got to come from somewhere and getting a spark that can be big for this team.”

If by “some plays” he means a play or two that didn’t matter, then I suppose that’s accurate. The Titans have been blown out in their four losses and have looked sad on both sides of the ball. A running back can’t do much without an offensive line, but you would think someone who makes claims like this and who is paid as handsomely as Johnson is would attempt to be a leader.

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