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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Chris Kluwe fires Twitter bombs at Vikings, says players were caught with underage girl

Chris KluweChris Kluwe went scorched earth on the Minnesota Vikings over Twitter Friday because of his dissatisfaction with the way they’ve handled negotiations regarding his lawsuit.

Kluwe is suing the Vikings and alleging he was cut by the team over his political/same-sex marriage views. He was in negotiations with the team over a possible settlement, but that fell through, and he plans to sue the team next week for $10 million.

The Vikings released a statement Friday regarding the case, which included a summary of an investigation’s findings. The team says the investigation concluded there was no sufficient evidence that Kluwe was discouraged from sharing his political beliefs. They also concluded that Kluwe was released because of declining performance and the distraction his outspokenness caused.

Kluwe wanted the Vikings to release the entire findings of the investigative report for public consumption, rather than a summary/condensed version of the findings. He was also upset that stories about him making fun of the Jerry Sandusky rape case were publicized and felt the need to retaliate via Twitter.

Below is Kluwe’s Twitter strike against the Vikings, which included an allegation that some notable players were caught with an underage girl.

Chris Kluwe Twitter

The Vikings announced Friday that special teams coach Mike Priefer was suspended three games, but the suspension can be reduced to two if he completes sensitivity training. Kluwe wanted a 4-8 game suspension for Priefer and the Vikings to donate $1 million to LGBT charities.

The Vikings say Kluwe made Jerry Sandusky jokes, indicating he would not have been offended by Priefer’s anti-homosexual comments. Kluwe did not deny making the Sandusky jokes — which included cutting a hole in the seat of his pants like he was a Sandusky victim.

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