Chris Kluwe went off on San Francisco 49ers for letting Aldon Smith play

Aldon Smith mug shotDespite being arrested for his second DUI in less than two years on Friday, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was still allowed to play against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Niners CEO Jed York justified the decision by saying the team felt keeping Smith active was the best thing for his future. The always-outspoken Chris Kluwe strongly disagreed.

Like many others, Kluwe felt that San Francisco allowed Smith to play for one reason — they wanted to win. Obviously, it didn’t work.

“Listening to the announcers justify playing Aldon Smith is pretty ridiculous,” Kluwe wrote on Twitter. “The sole reason he’s playing is because they care more about winning a child’s game than what a man does with his life.”

In particular, Kluwe was angry with the assertion that Smith could file a grievance against the team if they made him inactive after police reportedly found weed and pills in his car.

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“Dear sports analysts. If you don’t know what “conduct detrimental” is, kindly refrain from sharing your ignorance with other people,” Kluwe wrote. “Thanks! For those curious, ‘conduct detrimental’ is a clause in EVERY player’s contract that states you can be fined and/or suspended if you engage in behavior deemed detrimental to the image of the team and/or league. It applies to EVERYONE. So saying ‘the 49ers didn’t have a choice’ is flat out hypocritical bulls— and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Do your f—ing job.

“A head coach can make any player inactive. He could suspend him for conduct detrimental. He could cut him if he wanted to. He could keep him active and not let him go on the field. There are numerous scenarios where Smith doesn’t play today, but there he is.”

We agree. The decision to play Smith was inexcusable given the problems he has gotten himself into off the field. Smith is reportedly going to go to rehab as soon as this week, which probably isn’t a bad idea. Allowing him to play was a horrible choice.

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  • Jake

    I disagree, I think he serves his team and his job. While Smith needs to reassess himself as an individual he is also a professional whom people depend upon. One game is all he played, clearly it is now being addressed by the 49ers. He is a grown man who has responsibilities, one of those is his job. I think it is a fair punishment to have to face his teammates, fan and the media and carry on like he signed up to do. Again it was two days. Its not as if the niners are having him play the following week.

  • MikeD

    Jim Harbaugh is an asshole so is any of this surprising??

  • James Akard

    Yes, he is a grown man, and first and foremost as a “man”, you take responsibility of yourself. He is blessed to have a job that he has, he should be more responsible with his persona. And is that really “fair punishment”? As a man, that’s what you should do immediately, address the ones you’ve let down. Punishment is what happens after.

  • deej

    Chris Kluwe Klu Klux Klan, seems to be very selective who he spits his venom on so that he can get his 15 worthless seconds of fame….I wish he was in the unemployment line….then let’s see how much s*** he talk. It is so interesting to me how guys get in front a camera and become “all knowing,” Chis that title belongs to GOD and HE alone!!!!

  • afannaz

    your comment lets everyone know exactly how unintelligent you are. kluwe didn’t claim to be “all knowing”, that was your reference.

    and that was real catchy the way you used the klu in his last name and turned it into “KLU klux klan” like that…hey deej, you’d be alot better off if you stopped making political and religious references before going back to school for some sorely needed education!

  • matthpuclimber

    The Child’s Game is the only reasonKluwe has the platform to speak. Biting the hand that feeds.

  • SherylSimpson

    Chris is more right than wrong here. we all know that if the offender had been a second team guard instead of their best defensive player he would have been benched and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. we can play the spin game and pretend there is some intellectual discourse to be had here, but the bottom line is Smith should not have played Sunday. if someone had been killed or injured in the course of his DUI would he have been benched? are laws and contractual obligation only worth enforcing if someone dies? isn’t that how these players get to the point that someone dies???

    NFL player DUI persists despite a system put in place that should completely eliminate it. if the league is truly serious about addressing the problem, they have to be harsh, and they have to be consistent. i do applaud Aldon Smith’s accountability and his actions in seeking immediate assistance in addressing his addiction, and wish him the best in that challenging struggle.

  • Brian Shannon

    I don’t think he is biting the hand that feeds him if he is wanting them to realize there are more important things out there than winning. He is pointing out that the 49ers took a fragile guy for his off the field issues and put him on there just to get a victory and nothing more. He was calling out the broadcasters who said that San Fran was handcuffed to play him. They weren’t and they shouldn’t have allowed him to play if for no other reason than for this guy to get help that it appears he needs. It’s a child’s game in the middle of the game of life. Chris looking out for a friend and wanting the organization to step up and protect their investment in Smith not jeopardize it.

  • deej

    First, perhaps you need to start going to school to learn that you don’t have the only opinion. And politically speaking, this is America and opinions vary. I’m sure you would want to remove that right for other to have an opinion different than yours, but guess what, you cannot!!! Secondly, it’s so good to know that you at least know there is a God. Keep seeking HIM and you will find that He is as I have said HIM to be: All Knowing–not Chis who appears to be your God….sad. Nevertheless it only demonstrates how pathetic you are…You might want reframe from seeking out online opinions that are unlike yours to make a worthless attempt to try and stop them. With that being said, you are only doing what your lack of character and your pseudo intellectual ability has allowed you to do

  • deej

    PS…I know you “think” you’re the “alleged” intelligent one, but just so you know, ” a lot” is two words… not one as in your incorrect usage “alot.” And you consider yourself the “educated” one…LMAO

  • Uteyank

    Who the hell is Chris Kluwe

  • Concretejimmy

    What’s it matter? The 49ers won’t sniff another SB. And they won’t make the playoffs this season. I think the whole bunch of misfits should stay off the field. Over-rated.