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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cocky Pete Carroll dials up the smug on the sidelines of Super Bowl – a timeline

If there’s anything Super Bowl XLVIII was missing, aside from the Denver Broncos actually being competitive, it was cocky Pete Carroll sideline shots. I mean the Seahawks turned the game into a rout within minutes, and FOX was lagging on the smug Carroll shots. I was very disappointed. But once Seattle just started pouring it on in the second half, they finally complied with my wish for max Carroll cockiness.

Below is a timeline of Carroll’s demeanor on the sidelines. The cockiness increases in correspondence with Seattle’s success.

This was Carroll after Malcolm Smith’s interception return for a touchdown.

Pete Carroll sidelines

Carroll gave Smith a hug, but he wasn’t ready to celebrate despite the team’s 22-0 second quarter lead.

But after Percy Harvin returned the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown, cocky Carroll began to make an appearance:

Pete Carroll cocky

What’s that? A smile from Carroll? Nice.

Petey really began to pep up after Jermaine Kearse’s 23-yard touchdown catch to make it 36-0:

Pete Carroll smug

We didn’t achieve max levels of Carroll smugness, though, until Doug Baldwin scored to make it 43-8. That’s when Carroll hit off-the-chart levels. He was cranking, gum chewing, and wooing all over the place.

Pete Carroll gum

Pete Carroll gum woo

Pete Carroll grin

And when the final seconds ticked off, Carroll gave his players hugs and was all smiles:

Pete Carroll smile

You know, I’m not easily persuaded as a consumer, but if Pete Carroll started his own brand of chewing gum, I would totally buy it.

Also: Here’s the full story behind the Pete Carroll GIF at the top of the post

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