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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Darrelle Revis: Bill Belichick is a ‘players’ coach’

Darrelle-RevisIsn’t it amazing how fast a player’s tune can change after he switches teams? Two years ago, Darrelle Revis called Bill Belichick a “jerk” and later said he was sticking to it. Of course, that was when Revis was a New York Jet. Now that he is a member of the New England Patriots, it sounds like Revis considers The Hoodie to be a close friend.

“When you’re on the outside looking in when you’re playing with another organization, you look at things totally different,” Revis told reporters Thursday, via CSNNE.com’s Phil Perry. “Especially coming from New York and New England being up here, it’s a lot. You look at things totally different. … Everybody here has accepted me as much as they can to make it feel like home. Even Bill has. I feel fine with it. I’m fine. We’re on good terms.”

That all sounds pretty standard, but some might be surprised to hear Revis describe Belichick as a “players’ coach.”

“One, he’s a great coach,” Revis said. “I really respect him for winning three championships. I really do. Another thing is that I feel like he’s a players’ coach. A lot of people might not say that outside looking in, but we’re with Bill everyday. We hang out with him every day. We’re in the meetings with him every day, so we’re around him all the time. I really feel like he’s a players’ coach.”

That’s not just Revis kissing up. A lot of people take Belichick’s snarky attitude with the media to mean he is tough to work for, and that rarely seems to be the case. He definitely has a no-nonsense attitude, but there’s a reason so many players respect him. He hates talking to reporters. He doesn’t hate coaching.

H/T Pro Football Talk

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