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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Darrelle Revis describes Jets locker room as ‘disarray right now’

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: There’s a lot going on in New York with the Jets right now. After a disappointing 2011 season in which there was reportedly serious locker room issues, the Jets took a big risk in bringing Tim Tebow on board. Tebow could add a useful element to the Jets offense, or he could put too much pressure on Mark Sanchez and create a major distraction. At the moment, Rex Ryan and company are optimistic about what the future holds. On Sportscenter Wednesday morning, however, Darrelle Revis admitted during a word association exercise that things are still hectic behind the scenes.

When given the phrase “locker room” during the exercise, Revis paused for a moment before responding, “disarray right now.”

Prior to that, Revis explained how things went wrong last year with guys wanting the ball and trying to find ways to win. The fact that he chose to describe the locker room as “disarray right now” is intriguing if nothing else. Does he mean there are still problems, or is he referring to the way last season ended? Whatever the case, he spoke optimistically about the Tebow-Sanchez situation.

“I think (Tebow will) have a big impact on (Sanchez) in terms of just trying to maybe push him a little bit more,” Revis said. “Not to say that Mark needs to get pushed, but in a way that you know, Tebow is a winning quarterback. Mark is a winning quarterback too, you got to understand that Mark took us to two AFC championship games. I think both of them will just have to feel each other out. We’re probably going to try to figure that out during OTAs. And going into training and see how comfortable both of them are going into the season.”

Right now there is far more skepticism than optimism surrounding the Jets. With Tebow in the fold, the future looks crowded. Rex Ryan’s job will be to convince his players they don’t need to feel the same way the masses feel.

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