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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Darrelle Revis: Richard Sherman should ‘quit attaching his career to mine’

Darrelle Revis Richard Sherman

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis has plenty to worry about at the moment. He is reportedly progressing nicely in his rehab from ACL surgery and is targeting a return in the regular season opener. However, we have learned over the past six months that he is never too busy to talk about Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman.

Sherman and Revis are widely considered to be the two best shutdown defensive backs in the league, and they do not like each other. Sherman began the feud back in January when he randomly posted stats on Twitter trying to prove that he is superior to Revis. On Wednesday, Revis touched on the subject once again.

“He needs to quit attaching his career to my career,” Revis told USA TODAY Sports. “A lot of people need to have respect for this game. I’m not just talking about him. Respect what people have done to pave the way. Deion paved the way. Rod Woodson paved the way. Darrell Green. Mel Blount. Champ Bailey. Charles Woodson. Yeah, we’re the next group, but you don’t need to be getting into it with me.”

Last time Revis ripped Sherman he accused him of running his mouth like a little girl, so he wasn’t quite as animated this time. His point is that the whole Revis-Sherman feud shouldn’t be bigger than the game. Both players are young and neither is a Hall of Famer just yet.

“At the end of the day, this is a fraternity,” Revis continued. “We’re all in this together, competing. But you don’t have to shoot nobody else down. You can’t crown yourself as anything in this league. You’ve got to earn it.”

If Sherman’s last comments about Revis are true, he should, in theory, ignore Revis’ latest smack talk. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having either cornerback anchoring my defense. Assuming Revis comes back healthy, you might as well flip a coin.

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