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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Darren Sharper tweeted about talking to young girls, described as ‘creepy’

Darren Sharper

A tweet Darren Sharper sent last summer about talking to young girls looks a lot worse given the context of recent events.

Sharper was arrested on Friday in Los Angeles on suspicion of rape. TMZ reported that Sharper is being investigated for two separate sexual assaults that took place inside LA hotels — one in Oct. 2013 and the other this month. He also is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault in Louisiana.

In light of the three separate sexual assault accusations Sharper faces, Busted Coverage recalled a tweet the former Pro Bowl safety sent last June:

Yes, that’s Sharper talking about an old guy talking to young girls.

When Busted Coverage asked their Twitter audience whether Sharper was being serious with the tweet, a young woman responded that he was being serious and that Sharper is “creepy like that in real life.”

That tweet and the woman’s response look a heck of a lot worse in light of recent developments. These multiple allegations are a serious and distressing concern to be certain.

Sharper has been suspended by NFL Network, for whom he was working as an analyst, without pay.

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