Darren Sproles’ wife Michel blasts Saints on Instagram

Darren Sproles wife Michel

There is very little loyalty in the NFL, and Darren Sproles’ wife is finding that out the hard way.

Sproles’ wife, Michel, blasted the New Orleans Saints organization on Wednesday for the way they’ve handled her husband.

Sproles is entering the final year of his contract with the team. On Monday, a report said the team was likely to cut the veteran back. Then on Tuesday, Sproles found out via Twitter that the Saints were planning to trade him rather than release him.

It’s definitely been a rough time for the Sproles family to see all this play out over social media the past few days, and clearly Michel was frustrated. Here’s what she wrote:

Michel Sproles Instagram

Sproles quickly felt the heat from that Instagram note and clearly was uncomfortable. She wrote this message as a follow-up:

Michel Sproles Instagram

Michel obviously underestimated what kind of reaction her Instagram postings would have. She deleted the notes but then posted a screenshot of Black Sports Online’s post about her comments. Here’s what she said:

“Lol! Ummm I appreciate my voice being heard but this is not me. nor did I say God is gonna punish the Saints… Oh my… I underestimated the power of IG…”

It’s OK, Michel, there’s nothing wrong with expressing your frustration. Just remember there’s no loyalty in the league … especially when there’s such a tight salary cap.

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  • Tumblindice58

    She got it right when she cited that all responses in todays world are to negativity and people dont really pull for the good guy or the good story,Its really like Bizzarro World!Sproles is a baller and I hope he gets to go to a team that can use him and they can end up with a ring,He’s a classy quiet guy!You never see anything negative about him,Wow what a concept,Just living life and kicking ass at his job!

  • UtopianPlan

    Way to go honey….you just made his next employer very nervous about hiring him…because of his mouthy wife. If it was any other industry…he would be fired. Keep family business OFF the internet…unless you are talking about recipes. You may have already diminished his next paycheck with your rant. And here’s another tip…… KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE… Do you, as multi millionaires, really expect your readers sympathy when most of them live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to put food on the table these days. Wake up….and Shut up. That’s how you can help your husband.