Deion Sanders on Dez Bryant: ‘I Don’t Prostitute Kids’

Deion Sanders mugshotDeion Sanders has found himself in the middle of two controversies recently, the most recent being of the greatest consequence thus far. Prime Time admitted to mentoring Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant who recently was ruled ineligible for lying to the NCAA about his contact with Deion. Deion didn’t deny having any contact with Dez but Bryant denied the contact because he supposedly panicked. Why was Dez panicking? Not because he thought Deion worked for NFL agent Eugene Parker, right? Couldn’t be. Deion had an interview with the NFL Network (for whom he acts as an analyst) where he said he doesn’t work for Parker and that he doesn’t have the time to worry about getting paid for recruiting players. His biggest point was that he helps African American players out of the goodness of his heart — that’s it. At one point Deion got off this comment:

I don’t have time to benefit from [recruiting players]. I don’t prostitute kids. I love them. I try to nurture them, I try to call them, challenge them, change them, and take them to another level and inspire them — that’s what I do.

Deion even sold out his agent, Eugene Parker, saying that Parker is the one who told him there were two teams trying to trade for Michael Crabtree — a piece of information that has led to an investigation into tampering charges. While I can buy that Deion doesn’t exactly work for Eugene Parker, his relationship with young players certainly is a conflict of interest because he’ll push players towards Parker. In this sense, he’s giving players bad advice some of the time. Deion also said he would continue to give players gifts to help them out. Once again, no conflict of interest because of his close relationship with Eugene Parker, right? Regardless of who’s behind all this, it’s pretty clear that both Dez Bryant and Michael Crabtree haven’t received good advice lately. You draw your own conclusions.

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  • SpinMax

    Well well finally another player suspended indefinitely for lying to an NCAA committee… the very same
    reason Clarett was suspended indefinitely which for some reason people don’t believe me. Funny how
    these guys can beat up their gfs…no punishment, but lie to the NCAA…and the world comes to an end.

  • Jay

    I just wonder how the NCAA is dragging their feet with the USC and Reggie Bush investigation?? I mean his parents were living in a mansion while he played at USC, and were seen at all home and “away” games? It’s a given his parents were not financially able to afford these luxuries, and an agent has already stated they did travel on his credit card? This is a cut and dried case, but the NCAA seems to be looking the other way? Dez Bryant is suspended for lying to the NCAA, ok, I can accept that, but what about USC and Bush’s parents?? IMO the NCAA is a hypocrisy, and a JOKE!!!