Deion Sanders fired again from Prime Prep Academy

Deion SandersDeion Sanders has been fired again from Prime Prep Academy, a charter school with campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth that the former NFL star co-founded.

Sanders was fired in October after allegedly assaulting the school’s CFO. The CFO, Kevin Jefferson, later changed his assault accusation story and Sanders went back to work. Sanders also allegedly forced out his co-founder, D.L. Wallace.

Now WFAA investigative reporter Brett Shipp says Sanders has been fired again. Shipp says students walked out behind Sanders in support.

Prime Prep Academy was the subject of a Sunday feature in The Dallas Morning News. The newspaper described Prime Prep Academy as a school with multiple problems, one that has several leadership issues that could lead to an audit.

Prime Prep Academy was accused of being financially corrupt. The school also failed to meet state academic standards during recent testing.

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  • SpinMax

    only allegations. no truth here

  • Arsenious_Maximus

    It wouldn’t surprise me! it’s always the CFO/Accountant who almost always launders money for themselves instead of trying to actually give the kids an education….cuz it’s a businessssss and they wanna help themselves!!

  • Wm Bart

    its really sad that a person that has the fame Sanders does goes out and tries to help kids and someone gets power hungry fires him. Sounds like to me that sanders found out that cfo was stealing money and called him out on it. now the super wants sanders out because they know he found out they are stealing money. i hope they kick everyone of that board that supported this out on their butts and find out if they are stealing and put them in jail.
    taking money from kids wow really? how sad

  • DezJimmar

    I’m really impressed at how you deciphered the CFO was “stealing money ” from kids. I didn’t read that in this article or in any other article published about this incident. Btw, the CFO’s name is Kevin Jefferson. D.L. Wallace was the CEO and School Superintendent. He was also Deion’s best friend and business partner. Deion even referenced him as such in his Hall of Fame speech. Together, they deceived the Texas Board of Education and defrauded the taxpayers of Texas. Deion is as much a con man as his corrupt business partner.