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Saturday, May 26, 2018

DeSean Jackson: Tim Tebow ‘not good enough’ to be an NFL quarterback

desean-jacksonThere is still plenty of disagreement among so-called experts about why the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow. Many insiders insist the Patriots intend to use Tebow as a backup quarterback only, while others feel he could transition to a position like tight end. DeSean Jackson says the latter would be the best choice, because he doesn’t think much of Tebow as a quarterback.

“Forty-six percent (completion percentage)? This is not basketball, that is not good enough,” the Eagles receiver told the NFL Network on Tuesday.” “He has the mentality to come in and be a leader and all that good stuff, but as far as winning the games throughout the whole season, I don’t know. I don’t know if he can be my quarterback.”

Jackson is certainly not the only person who feels that way. At least one NFL legend questions whether or not Tebow would even be able to play quarterback in the CFL. But somehow, Tebow has been able to win at the NFL level.

“He won a playoff game, he beat the (Pittsburgh) Steelers,” Jackson said. “He’s done a pretty good job in the playoffs, that’s what I can say about him. As far as a consistent season, going throughout the whole year — he’s not consistent.”

From the Patriots’ standpoint, Tebow is a hard-working individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to contribute to a winning cause. There is currently a significant shortage of quality starting quarterbacks in the NFL, let alone backups. If Brady goes down, New England could do a lot worse than someone who has won at the NFL level and started playoff games. That is, if Belichick’s plan to stonewall the media remains successful.

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