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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Dez Bryant meltdown explanation: My passion is positive

Dez Bryant meltdown

Dez Bryant justified his multiple sideline meltdowns on Sunday during the Dallas Cowboys’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions by saying his actions are a manifestation of his passion for the game. His coaches and teammates also defended his actions.

Bryant had at least two sideline incidents that were caught by the TV cameras. The first occurred late in the third quarter when Bryant only had two catches. He went after Tony Romo and then some of his coaches, repeatedly getting in their faces. The second meltdown occurred in the final minute after the Cowboys blew their 30-24 lead. That time tight end Jason Witten got into it with him and reminded Bryant that the game wasn’t over and that they still had time for a play or two.

After the game, Bryant explained and defended his actions.

“My passion is always positive. It’s always positive,” Bryant said, via ESPN Dallas.

Bryant also said he’s been doing this his entire career and is not going to change.

“It’s going to remain the same way. I’m not saying anything wrong. I’m not saying anything bad. It’s all positive. That’s just what it is.

“I’m going to remain the same way. I feel like I love this game. I love it. In order to win, you’ve got to be passionate about this game. You have to be. You’ve got to let that dog come out and just put it all out there on the line.”

Romo defended Bryant by saying the wide receiver never complained about not getting the ball.

“He’s never complained to me about getting the ball,” Romo said. “He knows that the ball’s going where it’s supposed to. He knows that.

“When you guys sometimes see emotions from Dez, it’s just trying to ‘rah, rah’ more than it is being a ‘me’ guy. That’s not who Dez is. I think that would be completely out of character for him if there was ever a ‘me’ situation.”

Coach Jason Garrett similarly said the passion Bryant displays is a good thing. He also said Bryant has never been a distraction to the team. Witten stood by Dez as well, saying he loves Bryant and the passion the receiver displays and that there weren’t any hard feelings between them.

After Dez’s second outburst, I called him a typical “I guy” who makes it about himself rather than the team. It’s like there weren’t 50 other guys pissed off they lost the game and blew the lead, yet he’s the only one melting down on the sideline. I don’t care what the teammates and coaches say, I don’t think that’s good for a team. It comes across as selfish to me.

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