Dez Bryant Owes Bryan McCann Dinner

Dez Bryant owes a teammate dinner, only this time it’s not for rookie hazing and unlikely to cost 55 grand. Bryant apparently owes fellow rookie Bryan McCann a meal because of a bet they had.

Bryant and McCann are the special teams returners for Dallas and they bet on who would score the first return touchdown. McCann accomplished the feat when he scooped up a punt and raced 97 yards past all the Detroit Lions in week 11.

The irony about the play is that Bryant was supposed to return the punt but he let it go because it was bouncing near the end zone. McCann came out of nowhere to grab the punt, catching the Lions players off guard.

I’m guessing this dinner shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred bucks. And after beating Detroit, I’m sure Dez would be happy to pay.

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    Soon to be ex-cowboy roy williams owes the team a dinner or five

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