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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Did Las Vegas Wiseguys Know Something About Titans Against Colts?

Two days later, people are still smarting about the infamous backdoor cover by the Titans Thursday night against the Colts. In case you’re unaware of what happened, the Colts were favored by 3-3.5 points against Tennessee. The Colts got out to a 21-0 lead and were up 30-21 and had the game in hand with two minutes left. In typical heartbreak gambling fashion, Tennessee scored a meaningless touchdown on the very last play of the game allowing them to cover the spread. The TD mattered little to the Colts who were winning the game either way, but it swung millions of dollars in favor of “The House.”

Two separate friends inquired about Doc Brown’s thoughts on the game, thinking it was a steal of a bet. Both Doc and Del locked the Colts in as a Top 3 selection this week. 88% of the public had the Colts covering, an absolutely overwhelming margin. Everyone thought the Colts would win the game and win it handily. Except for the Wiseguys.

A source informed Larry Brown Sports that some big money came in game day on the Titans from the Wiseguys. Did they know something nobody else did? Did they know that difference-making wide receiver Kenny Britt would be active for the Titans for the first time since hurting his hamstring? Did they know Indy’s top two CBs would be inactive? Or were they simply going against the public, which often times is a smart move in itself?

Here’s an even better question: does Tennessee covering even prove the Wiseguys in fact did know something? Was the public right about the game? Were the Colts, who were up 21-0 and won the game handily, easily the better team? Was Tennessee and the Wiseguys lucky to have it end as a two-point game? At this point I have to say that the public was right, that Indy was easily the superior team, and that they were only playing to win the game, not cover the spread, and that’s why they didn’t. Sometimes even Las Vegas gets lucky.

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