DJ Fluker’s agent says they know who hacked his Twitter account

DJ Fluker was in a bit of a crapstorm after a tweet sent from his account Monday night said he accepted money while in college.

DJ Fluker Twitter hacked

Fluker’s agent was predictably fuming over the tweet, and it didn’t take him long to address the matter by calling the tweet a hack job.

Gilmore, who works for Priority Sports and Entertainment, told AL.com that they know who hacked Fluker.

“We know who did this,” Gilmore told Al.com. “This is totally fiction, but I’m waiting to get some proof. I’ve been on the phone with Twitter.”

Gilmore not only wanted to protect his client, who is expected to be a first-round pick in the NFL Draft, but also himself; it’s against the rules for agents to give money to college athletes.

Fluker was a part of three national championship teams at Alabama. He was a starter at right tackle for the Crimson Tide’s last two national title teams. He can also play guard and would probably dominate at that position in the NFL.

So, the big question is: Do you believe Fluker’s agent? Was DJ really hacked? Let us know in the comments. We think it’s a 50-50 possibility.

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  • Geoff Marolda

    While he probably took money in college, I have to believe that his account was hacked. There are dumb people in the world but saying something like this a few days before the draft? I can’t believe he’s that dumb. He should just confess like a normal athlete and save it for Outside the Lines and ESPN Films once he retires.

  • Fran

    I know DJ. He went to a very difficult Catholic High School in Mobile, AL for a year. He made excellent grades. His speech patterns were those of a well educated young man, certainly never the type of ignorant phrases quoted here. He graduated from college. He earned that privilege. He had goals from the get go and is too smart to have taken money and risk those goals, he is too smart to tweet the trash talk posted and frankly I’m hoping they throw the book at the jerk who did it. When I knew him he was straight and narrow. From people who attended college with him, that never changed. So don’t make assumptions and don’t stereotype. Not all athletes are dumb nor are they all dishonest.