Dolphins Release Pat White, Admit Error

NFL rosters are being finalized as teams had to cut down to 53 players this weekend. That means many peoples’ dreams were crushed, feelings hurt, and patience tested over the past few days. Names like T.J. Houshmandzadeh in Seattle and Matt Leinart in Arizona were amongst the most surprising cuts. Another player to add to that list is former West Virginia quarterback Pat White.

White came out of college as one of the more highly debated players. A four-year starter with outstanding numbers, White went 4-0 in bowl games and specialized in running the spread attack. The Dolphins thought he would be an ideal weapon to add to their vaunted “Wildcat” offense. NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock feverishly agreed.

After hardly playing his rookie season, the former second round selection and 44th overall pick in 2009 looked awful throwing the ball in camp according to most reports. He had fallen to fourth on the depth chart in Miami and the suggestion was that he would have to find a new position. White actually joked that he might try playing baseball professionally instead of a new position in the NFL. If he wants to continue a professional football career, a change is likely. So what does this all mean?

The debate is over: White was a flop in Miami and is not an NFL quarterback regardless of how good he was at West Virginia. For the second time in three years (John Beck in 2007, Chad Henne in 2008, White in 2009) the Dolphins made a big mistake with a second round quarterback selection. Lastly, it also shows us that regardless of how good of a personnel evaluator Bill Parcells may be, even he gets it wrong sometimes. Badly. Spread guys in college generally don’t translate in the pros.

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  • Gene

    I hope he can throw a baseball better than he can pass a football……..

  • Anonymous

    The kid is a winner Gene. You can’t take that away from him. None of this was his fault, nowhere did I see it say he was lazy or didn’t work hard. I think its funny how everyone puts him down. He is a good football player and even a better person. Just a kid.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. He is a great kid that wasn’t given a chance to do what he does best and what he was drafted for in the first place. He was put in to very few games, without given the chance to warm up and was asked to be a miracle worker. His passing completion average in college was nearly 70% and many were long balls. He was never given the chance to be in for more than two or three plays at a time. How can a rookie develop a rythym and confidence after only a few plays. When did he have the snaps to play with the first team to develop a working rythym with the first team receivers? The Dolphins pissed off a damn good, very talented kid without out spending the time to develp him. Henne, on the other hand did nothing his rookie season except carry Pennington’s jock strap and a clip board and he still isn’t a very good quarterback. Head to head, White would beat either Henne or Thypen given equal chances.

  • Gene

    I like Pat White. I meant it seriously. He was a great college quarterback but his legs did more for him than his arm. I hope he can make good throws from the outfield and has a good baseball career.

    I also think Vince Young was super in college. In fact, he was the best college quarterback I’ve ever seen. The fact that he is mediocre in the pros does not change what he did in college by one iota.