Donald Driver Likes Playing with Aaron Rodgers Over Brett Favre

Donald Driver has been fortunate to enjoy a tremendous amount of consistency throughout his 13 years in the NFL.  He has played his entire career in Green Bay and only had to adjust to two quarterbacks — Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.  He has enjoyed success with both under center, so you might assume he would take the high road when asked which of the two he prefers playing with.  Guess again.

“I’ve played with two quarterbacks,” Driver said Wednesday according to the USA Today. “One just went out there and did what he did, and he wasn’t patient at all. But Aaron takes what the defense gives him, and that’s the type of guy you want.”

Statistically, Driver had the best seasons of his career when Favre was throwing to him.  But it’s easy to pick Rodgers over Favre given the current circumstances.  Rodgers has been the best quarterback in the NFL by far this season, and he certainly has the potential to enjoy more success in his career than Favre.  Also, it makes it easier to pick the guy who has said all the right things over the one who pisses everyone off annually and has no problem taking a public shot as his successor.

From a football standpoint, Rodgers is certainly more careful with the ball.  You don’t need to crunch Favre’s career numbers to know he never had a ratio of 28 touchdowns to only three interceptions at any point in his career.  Playing with Rodgers over Favre would be more enjoyable for any NFL receiver at this particular point in Rodgers’ career.  The fact that Favre is a d-bag only gives Aaron a further boost.

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  • James Basham

    Driver couldn’t have won a Super Bowl with Favre if he was drafted in the 6th round in ’99.

  • James Basham

    7th round …. my bad.

  • Gene

    Well said.  Let’s see how durable Rodgers turns out to be.  I wish him a long career but you never know.  I like Rodgers a lot but it is too early to assess his career as compared with Favre.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s so obvious who’s the better quarterback it’s not even funny.

  • Anonymous

    Actually if you did crunch the numbers there was a 16 game stretch where Favre threw 49tds and 7ints…In any case I feel lucky to have had a HOF QB followed by a HOF caliber QB on my Packers!

  • Anonymous

    To all you favre haters out there I have this to say, 1st Brett didint Typically have all the weapons that rodgers has had, Offense or Defense sure there were some great players but I think that Aaron has had better teams overall and nobody would be haten on Brett if he was still a packer all you haters need to get over the fact that Brett did play for the vikings and as a football fan I could appreciate the fact that brett just wanted to play the game that he loved and didnt want to walk away, I still would like to see Brett play one more time. Aaron Rodgers good luck to you so you have racked up some great numbers but lets not forget a great QB in Brett Favre no matter who he played for or how many int, he threw maybe the man just couldnt give up on any one play he went for it all every down, and also Aaron when you can take and play with all the pain that Brett Favre has then you may claim to be as good as Brett.  

  • Anonymous

    WBPT–great reply, I just don’t understand the animosity toward Favre–winningest QB Packers have ever had. Despite his gunslinger mentality, Favre never had but one real talented team–’96 SB winner that lost several starters before the next season. Before Favre arrived Packers had not been a championship team for 30 YEARS, that’s a long dry spell for the green and gold before they struck gold with Favre.  Seem to be many that “hate” him as a “traitor” for signing with Vikes, who would give up a career that had been your whole life just because current employer wanted to move on??  Brett Favre won many a game for Packers at a time in his prime when he was the NFL’s best–first 3 time MVP.  Packers fans, celebrate the fact it was ONLY 14 years between the last 2 SB titles, with an opportunity for at least a couple more in next few seasons.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Please, don’t tell me about weapons. Rodgers makes these players good.

  • Anonymous

    Whther Favre, Rogers, Dickey, Starr or any other quarterback, you play with whom you are joined and everyone has to execute the parts in the whole play.  Each coach that they have had had different philosphies as to what wins and loses games. I would put Rogers as a cross between Starr and Favre, a true leader with a rifle arm.  No matter the quarterback they still have to execute and the final stats on most players, especially QB’s is how many titles they won.

  • http://twitter.com/jordinh David Dinh

    Steve DelVecchio is a retard…PERIOD!!!.  There’s hardly anyone that can compare to Rodgers 28-3 TD/INT ratio.  He’s in a VERY GOOD SITUATION with the offense he has.  REMINDER:  Rodgers went 6-10 after Farve left when Farve took them to the NFC Finals just the previous year.

    This isnt about records.. This is about how Packers (widely under influence of Head Coach MacCarthy) totally disrespected Farve after he put GB back on the map.  GB had not even seen the playoffs since 84 before Farve showed up. 

    I hope Farve joins Texans just to kick Green Bays butt in Superbowl… HE CAN!!!!!

  • Goran Ojdanic

    Since when did educated writers start using the word d-bag to discribe a person who was a living ledgend in GB? I guess that must have been when companies started allowing uneducated reporters to do reporting. To bad media has stooped to hiring these low quaility reporters.

    As for Favre vs Rodgers….yes Favre was a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy….Rodgers is more coachable and will be smarter with his ball distribution. Favre is a country boy that just felt if “i throw it really…really hard it will find its way to my reciever”.

    As for Steve…..you are the d-bag.

  • Anonymous

    At what point did we give you the impression that we are your local news outlet?