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Friday, June 22, 2018

Donald Driver Likes Playing with Aaron Rodgers Over Brett Favre

Donald Driver has been fortunate to enjoy a tremendous amount of consistency throughout his 13 years in the NFL.  He has played his entire career in Green Bay and only had to adjust to two quarterbacks — Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.  He has enjoyed success with both under center, so you might assume he would take the high road when asked which of the two he prefers playing with.  Guess again.

“I’ve played with two quarterbacks,” Driver said Wednesday according to the USA Today. “One just went out there and did what he did, and he wasn’t patient at all. But Aaron takes what the defense gives him, and that’s the type of guy you want.”

Statistically, Driver had the best seasons of his career when Favre was throwing to him.  But it’s easy to pick Rodgers over Favre given the current circumstances.  Rodgers has been the best quarterback in the NFL by far this season, and he certainly has the potential to enjoy more success in his career than Favre.  Also, it makes it easier to pick the guy who has said all the right things over the one who pisses everyone off annually and has no problem taking a public shot as his successor.

From a football standpoint, Rodgers is certainly more careful with the ball.  You don’t need to crunch Favre’s career numbers to know he never had a ratio of 28 touchdowns to only three interceptions at any point in his career.  Playing with Rodgers over Favre would be more enjoyable for any NFL receiver at this particular point in Rodgers’ career.  The fact that Favre is a d-bag only gives Aaron a further boost.

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